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Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is where to go to get your printing jobs done the right way. From simple copies to major printing and publishing projects, you can depend on RHPG’s trained staff to get your projects done right the first time.

Our job is to make you look good in paper because High quality printing helps your business make a lasting impression on your customers and clients, increase your profit growth and continue sustainaing at high profit levels throughout longer years than a copany who does not use print media to market their services. Remember that!

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics ensures that top quality work is done and delivered on time in the first instance that a customer requests the services. With 3 shifts that operate the presses for 24 hours through 7 days of the week, the company can easily meet the high demand of the customers.

The company operates on the basis of providing its customers comprehensive details of the services and associating prices rather than having to account for delays or poor quality. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics prioritizes customer service and support as key to its success and satisfying the needs of its customers.

Premium offset quality printing is achieved by relying on the latest available technology, and color is given top priority depending on the needs of the customers. The state-of-the-art close looped system is used in the company to ensure the highest advanced screening process is utilized.

Kodak Creo Direct to Plate technology is used to implement the “Worry-Free” printing services along with the highly innovative business offset presses that guarantee efficiency and top quality. Customers get a ‘photographic’ appearance because of consistent, vibrant color and great image fidelity. The texts, pictures and knockouts are preserved excellently with line work being our specialty. The company has one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and also the “Wait and Save” option that allows customers to spend much less if they place their orders ahead of deadlines.

Businesses looking to communicate with their customers in the most affordable way should consider the services of Rush Hour Printing and Graphics. The company helps businesses send the most effective message to a target market by utilizing materials of the highest quality at unbelievable rates. Only the best material is used to ensure customers get the highest quality products and services from the firm. Businesses looking for creativity, professionalism, quality and style should make an order with Rush Hour Printing and Graphics. Additionally, the rates charged by the company are unbeatable!

Here is a list of the high quality products and services Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can assist you with

Project Management – Marketing Service Providers

We offer a variety of project management and coordination options to help ensure that your team has the tools and resources to manage the scope, timeline, and resources of any project. Our proven methodology establishes discrete steps for each phase of a project, with strong project management throughout.

In working with us, you’ll find that we are not overly regimented. Everyone understands their role but is willing to help out wherever needed to see a job through. You’ll never hear a member of our staff say, “that’s not my job.”

Though we believe whole-heartedly in this open approach, it’s necessary to separate the Print Shop into a few departments. Whether it’s Customer Service or Pre-Press, it takes everyone we have to make our clients look their best.

Equipment Specialists

We utilize the most current technology in our industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide our clients with high-quality products faster and less-expensively than our competition. We realize that most people could care less about what models of equipment we use, so long as they receive what they ordered. Still, we can’t help being proud of our toys. Once you see how great they make you look, we hope you’ll be proud of them, too.

Enterprise Solutions for Effective Business Growth

You can now create and launch direct mail campaigns that can be used by branches and franchisees in every part of the country. This eliminates the headache of administration and brand control in traditional forms of direct marketing. No large inventory must be maintained – inventory that can become out of date or obsolete. This will save your organization money and generate the highest ROI on your marketing dollars. Give your marketing pieces a more effective and timely message. Print on demand is the future of printing and mailing – We offer you this technology today!


Happy customers

"These guys are so friendly and pleasant to work with – and the printing job for my design project book came out wonderfully – for the price a college student can only afford. Thank you Rush Hour Printing & Graphics!"

Charmaigne G., Fairfax, Va

"I have been using Rush Hour from the get-go when in G-Town! They are very good. Have used them for my business from brochures to dance concert programs. And even though they have left my area, I am following to the new location! Wishing you many more years too come. 3 cheers!"

Theresa K., Washington, Dc

"Rush Hour Printing offers efficient, high-quality services. I ordered a banner for an event that I held in the fall, and I’m sure it will be used for years to come. Thanks to Rush Hour Printing for their assistance and expertise!"

Allison G., Washington, DC

" I use rush hour printing for all of my Summer Camp promo brochures and applications. They have the best quality and the best price in this area – HANDS DOWN! "

Elaine G., Bowie, MD

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