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Keeping things simple is always a good motto. Pertinent to printing product banners, all businesses need to know that today, what matters is simplicity.

It creates more room to see the product itself and less commotion in terms of graphics. By providing a simpler platform as the exhibition to the product, the printing also becomes easier to achieve. The graphics would be easier to position, create, and even explore. Knowing that printing simpler labels are far more affordable as well should be reason enough to choose simplicity.

Simplicity adds to increased visibility and legibility and therefore, does not compromise space.

In terms of the printing quality, you want to make sure that it is either uncoated or coated paper. We recommend using coated label stock in order to never jeopardize the quality of the paper once printed. If it is uncoated, then the label stock dots could grow in size once printed, making it more visible and lowering the quality of the paper. You never want the quality of the image to suffer. You want to make sure the stock is premium, coated, and on a smooth surface.

Coated label thus are better than uncoated, but there are some specific details you want to take care of:

  1. Do you want it to be gloss-coated? These are smooth labels that reflect the sun rays back to its source. This is also called cast-coated labels. It has different tones and can be matched with sheen. This is ideal for printing images because it makes the colors really pop.
  2. Do you want it to be matte? A matte label is the opposite of gloss. It is coated and resembles a lackluster finish. It does not bounce back to the source. It does have a refined appearance and a smooth surface despite looking a bit rougher than the gloss.
  3. Do you want it to be a satin label? Satin is somewhere in the middle of gloss and matte. This is not as common as those above but it is also a possible option. This type is also known as dull-coated sheets or label. They have more coating and can cost a bit more than matte coated label paper stocks.

So, regardless of what finish you use, the use of the ink will be the same. If you want, you can adjust the color of the image and set the printer to a different setting to get different results.

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