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As a small business, you are probably wondering what the best way is to appeal to your consumer target markets. Moreover, you are looking to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. How can you do this without spending thousands of dollars? Actually, the answer could be cheaper than you thought.

First, let us touch on the fact that electronic advertising is a huge reach for small businesses and big ones alike, and it will not be stopped or replaced. Paper communication, however, is still extremely relevant and will reach potential customers that digital marketing does not. Print advertising is still a more personal way to reach consumers and it leads to a higher probability of being remembered. So, really, intuitively people yearn to feel and touch the advertising more so than to just see them online.

Onto the grind. The paper you choose to advertise with and communicate with potential consumers is ever so important, it can make or break your sales margins. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics recommends that you use heavy paper for your marketing materials. Maybe use a 32lb or even higher to accomplish the feel you want! Remember, it is all about reaching out to them from a physical, more personal basis. You are going for their innate need to bond on a quantum basis that all humans have.

Recommended for marketing materials such as brochures, post cards, invitations, and more.

Marketing is about covering all your bases, and the feel of the paper you print on will be step numero uno. The paper will last longer and put your business in the hearts of all potential consumers who touch it. The consumer will feel special when they read that brochure or post card. Look for a Sheffield rating of 100 to 250 to make it really pop.

Your business is the most important thing in your life. It has become a part of your personality, lifestyle, mind and soul. Work smarter, don’t overwork yourself as you will burn out and it will not give you the results you are looking for. One word of advice: Print in thick paper and print a lot. Spread the word about your business from one corner to the next, in all malls and parking lots, let your business touch every single soul in your city. It will impress them, you will attain them!

That’s all for this blog at Rush Hour Printing and Graphics today. We hope to have been of service to you. We believe in the power of knowledge and information spread through electronic and print mediums. We wish you and your company years of health and wellness.

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