We are in an information revolution, powered by the intersection of two of the most commanding knowledge transfer mechanisms of our time – Printing and the Internet”. Alexander S., Chief Marketing Officer at Rush Hour Printing and Graphics.  The following are a few of the trends that businesses are currently embarking on to do the most growth in as little time as possible.

1.       Creating Experiences that allow an Immersion by the Client

The real experience comes from being immersed in the interaction with the product. Therefore, swiping and clicking is not enough. Real-time printing experiences is the next level to feeling and interacting with graphics. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is an expert at providing the feeling you seek for your clients to experience, call us at 202-290-1118 ext. 5.

2.       Make Art Not Ads

Printing is beautiful. It reflects on all of our senses from touch to sight, printing can make or break a deal anytime. Its power is beyond its touch, however. It goes into a more in-depth side of business: advertising. Print advertising needs to be artistic not marketable. It must bring together craftsmanship, design and a dash of storytelling so as to engage with and entice the market to be inspired by you and your business. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is the expert at Art Work (email us at artwork@rushhourprinting.com).

3.       Its More than Just Ink. Its Love.

We all love our clients, right? We must in order to be successful at serving them. We can’t think of ink and paper as we used to before, prior to the cyber revolution. We must now ILLUMINATE the way for our clients to find us, we must create that connection with them in order to be found. Print is anything but traditional, now print is the key to your success. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can help you get there with incredible prices and the most interactive designs. Visit us at www.rushhourprinting.com.

We all know that all major corporations are still printing. It is not a tale, it is the reality of business today. Online advertising can only do so much, you need print marketing to really get the customers you are looking for. From McDonald’s to Mercedes-Benz, Google and Grey Goose, printing is more than just traditional, printing is essential.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is looking to serve you in all possible ways. Our printing skills come from years of experience in this field. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp. Our word is our bond.

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