A recent study into the attitudes of consumers in regard to direct mailings noted that 79% of the participants act on direct mailings from brands instantly, proving that print is still a powerful marketing tool. This study which was carried out by the UK DMA which stands for Direct Marketing Association, also found out that consumers perceive direct mail and other kinds of printed communications as pivotal in regard to their general experience of brands that they have interest in or find themselves already hooked to.

Direct Mail Can Activate an Online Presence

According to the research, over 10% of the consumers checked particular brands websites’ after receiving a direct mail, instead of replying to the sent email. Some of the leading actions that consumers initiate after getting a direct mail from their favorite brand are the following;

  • 44% of them take time to check the website of the brand
  • 34% percent of them seek more information about the particular item on the internet
  • A lower percentage of 26% opts to keep the mailing for purposes of future references

On the Direct Mail’s Trustworthiness…

The crucial role that direct mail plays in the daily lives and encounters of consumers was also pointed out by the respondents through this study. 56% of them revealed that they considered printed marketing to be one of the most trustworthy media channels that are available at the moment.

Retaining the Direct Mail for Future References

48% of those who participated in the survey, which translates to almost half of the total number of people surveyed, noted that they had kept direct mails for future references. 17% of these people said this is something they do on a regular basis.

Direct Mailings Are Expected by Many Consumers

33% of the interviewees, which is one-third of the total number, pointed out that they would have a negative perspective of a brand that fails to provide printed communications.

Direct Mails Are Here to Stay – Says the Younger Consumers

Twice the number of those who are between ages 18 to 34 strongly believe that direct mailings are here to stay and nothing will come to replace them. However, consumers who have attained over 55 years have another observation. According to them, they think online marketing messages will soar up to replace direct mails forever.

According to MD of fast.MAP, David Cole, direct mail is highly likely to create trust as compared to the use of emails. In addition to that, post appears not only authoritative but also memorable. Emails, on the other hand, can be easily responded to or shared. Therefore, direct mail can be harnessed to make email a more efficient object of response.

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