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Thankfully, an exchange of business cards doesn’t need WiFi

If you’re running a business, be it a dot com with a 6-figure worth net profit or a small pizza place, marketing is the foundation on which you will build your empire. It’s not uncommon that once in a while you hear someone in the industry swear that online marketing tools have given the printing giants a run for their money. Now the million dollar question is how and why are the print marketing agencies still in business and thriving?! Why do we keep seeing these pamphlets and brochures everywhere we go? Wouldn’t it have been cost effective if these very companies had invested in online marketing instead?

The truth is that no matter how much online marketing giants claim to be a cost effective, fast and “green”, print media hasn’t lost its game! Using print to market your business to the community is a fantastic idea since it is known, easily understood, widely accepted, affordable and reaches specific target markets.

According to a consumer survey carried out by a multi-national retailing corporation, 77% of the consumers picked up the items from the brands they are visually and mentally linked with! When furthered asked about how were they introduced to those brands, around 72% mentioned having seen brochures and banners around their area.

Around 57% said they connected with the brand and will make repurchases. Most of us still like the idea of being handed a 5 ml of product sample tucked neatly inside a brochure that gives detailed information of the company’s vision and product. A free sample is another smart technique of introducing the client to the product and then again who says no to something free.

Companies like Walmart and Walgreens have earned millions by giving their clients loyalty cards that enable reward points which can be redeemed to make free purchases. A big yellow SALE/DISCOUNT sign on top of the beauty aisle along with a $5 off coupon in the Sunday newspaper is enough to tempt even an elderly group of women to get the new shade of lipstick.

A poster or a banner gives you a feeling of a physical existence and being real (being able to touch it) as opposed to a colorful animation that pops up on your screen while browsing! It takes less money to produce a flyer that is touchable, has your brand logo and product information, will last forever and might even be shared with friends and family.

A forgotten pizza brochure lying on a desk may seem like it’s gone to waste but every time the consumer looks at it, it will remind him of the product and he may just order himself one or many in future. The idea here is to position your brand in the mind of the consumer to make a mental, visual and a long term relationship that harnesses trust and growth.

If you’re someone who is thinking about updating his/her LinkedIn profile and updating your business and product information online, think about investing in a business card also. Business cards go everywhere where a LinkedIn profile doesn’t! Cards stay in the wallets offering relevant information while a LinkedIn Profile poofs with a click.

Think wisely and start printing your business .

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