In most instances, tickets to an event out so fast, to an extent where those who miss must look for other alternatives like the scalpers. But that would only be the case if your business is well-known nationally. But despite all that, you can still attain a sold-out event if you follow the steps needed when selling your tickets. The following are some of the lesser-known marketing tips that can help in making sure that you have a venue packed with prospects and not empty seats.

Start Early

It is very important to start selling your tickets as early as possible to give you enough time to reach as many people as possible. It’s actually advisable to announce two separate dates when you are planning to put your tickets on sale. The first date should be an early bird special and should only be made available for customers or subscribers who are registered members. The early bird offer should also come with a discount. The day tickets are made available at a retail price for everyone else should be the second date.

You can also use the discount and early bird as a motivation for convincing your members to take part in the membership program. You can use both your social media feeds and the event’s main social network page to make the announcement. A well put call-to-action and a clickable sin up icon can help to attract more prospects.

Use Your Current Event To Sell Your Next Event

If you regularly host events, then you can use your current event as a podium for selling tickets for your upcoming event. The announcement should be made before the event closes and you should also provide a reward to those who have attended that particular event. You should also explain to your customers that the discount would only be valid if bought before the event comes to an end.

As the business owner, you can opt to sell your tickets yourself by putting up a stand and appointing a bunch of staff members to help in selling the hardcopy tickets. But even better, if you were lucky to design an App for your event, then it would be vital to incorporate an easy-to-use function that will enable attendees to order their tickets via phone. Azavista, for instance, is a service that allows organizers to include a native event application into their conference for a simple data analytics and registration of guests.

Consider Promoting the Event’s Location

Here are some of the things you should put into consideration as you look forward to promoting your event:

  • Any attraction that is close to the venue of your event
  • Are there certain discernible landmarks that your attendees can even use to take pictures?

These are some of the locations that might attract your attendees, especially if they are coming from various cities, states, or countries.

But someone would ask why promoting the location of your event is such an important task. Well, promoting the attractions and businesses that are close to your event’s location is just one of the selfless things to undertake as a business owner. But more importantly, it provides your attendees with an opportunity to view some beautiful sites that would make them see your event from a different perspective.

Have a Contest

You can double up the sale of your tickets if you include your staffers in the process. Having them promote the event through their social media platforms is a great way of marketing your business to the world. As a way of making their efforts appreciated, continue with this to a contest. Offer a kind of incentive to those whose referrals are leading to a particular amount of sale. The incentive can come in different forms; a small one just as a gift card or one as huge as a paid vacation, but this would be dependent on your event’s budget.

In addition to that, you can also opt to promote a collective effort and give an incentive for the entire group if the efforts of all of them led to the sale of a particular product. For a group, the incentive can range from a bonus in everybody’s paycheck to a full catering office party.

Besides Being Fun, Your Event Should Also Be Educational

It is a fact that a majority of your event attendees will come to get something that can benefit their lives or listen to the guest lecturer. But bringing in certain elements of entertainment to your event would still work right. An after-party with cocktails can come in after the workshops and the lectures. Techno dance party, performance from a musician, dancer, or comedian or a karaoke hour is some of the things you can consider for the entertainment.

Remember that various demographic groups will be likely attend your event, and so you should have something that brings them all together, and that is the entertainment bit of the event.

Use Mini Events To Hype The Main Event

As you count days to your main event, organize daily mini-events that will help in creating a strong anticipation for the main event.  This can be likened to the “12 days of Christmas” concept where children hold mini events as they wait for the main day.

A 5-day countdown can include the following;

  • The fifth day – live webinar
  • The fourth day – social media contest including ticket giveaways
  • The third day – video testimonials with the previous event’s attendees
  • Second day – a blog post from one of the guest speakers of the event
  • First day – a “See You There” video message

You should conclude the end of every mini event with a call-to-action that encourages people to purchase their tickets if they haven’t done.

Involve Your Sponsors

Just as a huge turnout would benefit you, it would also benefit your sponsors. This is the reason why they should be actively involved in using their social media platforms to promote the event. Since they are likely more established and known that you are, they are also likely to have a massive connection base.

Use your ticket sale page to link your sponsors and ask them to help you promote the event.

Design Various Ticket Packages & Options

This can really work if you have an event held over the course of a number of days. Some members might not attend after missing the entire event. This is why it is very important to design ticket types that to cater for those who might not attend part of the event. You can create a ticket for each of the days and one for the main event, which will be relatively costly as compared to the daily ticket.

This can also work if the event has an after-party, where it would be advisable to keep part of the event from the conferences and educational workshops that take place earlier.

Selling Tickets Is Not That Difficult, After All

This process is all in a day’s business; it’s not really a difficult job. All you are needed to do is to give reasons to your guests why they should attend your event, and market the event vigorously. If you follow these steps to the latter, you will definitely have no empty seats at the events.

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