Direct Mail Services

Among those who were interviewed during this survey, 62% of them revealed that they prefer getting direct mails informing them about new offers. Those who prefer mails that offer them rewards for their royalty are 70%, while 56% prefer useful and educational mails.

Return on Investment

A substantial return with an ROI of 4.60 Euros was delivered as a result of direct mail activities. When compared to clients’ search, this kind of performance is way much stronger and also above-the-line activity. Affiliates are second on the list with 2.17Euros, while clients search was third with 2.00, closing the list of activities that had an ROI above 2.00 Euros. On the fourth position were aggregators with an ROI of 1.90 Euros, while Radio activities managed 1.51 Euros.  The last three positions were grabbed by the activities attributed to online, TV, and outdoor in that order. Return on investment amounting to 1.18 euros went to online activities, while TV-related activities had an ROI of 1.00 euro. The last in the list was outdoor, which just managed 0.82 euros.

The survey was also carried out among consumers who were aged between 15 to 19, and this is what was noted:

  • 32% of them responded to direct mail, while 79% got direct mails that they thought had relevant information.
  • When it comes to consumers aged between 16 to 24 years, 23% communicated back to direct mail, while 33% went ahead to check the contents of direct mails that they thought were important.
  • 43% of those aged between 25 to 34 responded to direct mails while 75% of them checked the direct mail they thought might help them. When it comes to consumers aged 35 to 44, 46% reviewed direct mails after a while, while 1.5 million people visited a shop after receiving direct mails.
  • 47% of those who are between ages 45 to 54 responded to direct mail. The study also noted that 25% of people from this group are likely to open direct mail as compared to other age groups.
  • 72% of consumers aged between 55 and 64 also responded to direct mail, while 1.5 million people from this age group went responded to money off voucher. The last age group to be interviewed was those aged at 65+ years, and 92% of them responded to direct mails. 6.1 millions of this people made orders of products they had checked via direct mails.

This study clearly revealed that direct mail is a better option for a number of consumers. This can be attributed to facts like the following:

  • It’s a more professional means of communication mean
  • It presents a company in a better manner
  • Extracting information from it is simple
  • Have more chances of getting someone’s attention
  • Gives consumers a new sense of value and appreciation

Emails, on the other hand, appear to be appropriate for sending a reminder and passing out brief communications.

The study also noted that 46% of adults looking to purchase a car responded to direct mail, and car owners were 70% likely to buy vehicles after receiving direct mails.

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