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Imagine Living In 2021…. Envision The World’s Population Using Smartphones And With The Top Of Their Finger, Ordering 3d Printing With Express Delivery. Well, What Will Happen To Us, The Local Print Shops? Is Print Going Away?

This Can Be A Very Scary Thought For Many Printers But Let Us Ease Your Worries, Print Is Not Going Anywhere! So Fear Not!

While There May Be Some Obstacles For Print Shops To Overcome In Order To Continue Its Multi-Million Dollar Operations, There Are Many Opportunities That Will Also Arise From A Technological Revolution Such As The E-Everything Era We Are Predicting By 2021.

What Is One Of The Many Opportunities That Will Arise For Printing Providers?

Think Of Pairing Mobile Communication With Print Services!

By Connecting With Mobile Apps, Printers Can Provide Services Related To The Information Being Stored And Accessed Through Those Apps.


This Will Be The New Printing Of The Technological Revolution Of 2021. We Are Talking Working Directly With App And Software Engineers To Insert Our Brand Into Their Options. Therefore, You Would Be Playing On An App And Could Easily Press The Button Print And Get The Delivery Within 24 Hours (If You Print At Rush Hour Printing And Graphics Of Course).

One Of The Hurdles To Climb Is The Custom-Made Adjustments For Each Graphic On Site Or App. This Could Result In A Lack Of Ability Or Capacity To Enter The New World Print-Plus. It Is Important That To Overcome This Threat, The Printer Simply Hire A Design Specialist And Make Sure All Apps Are Informed On The Best Set Up For Each Page To Be Print-Ready!

It Is Important That Print Shops Work Directly With The App’s Engineers To Make Sure Their Function Is Available On The App And To Avoid Any Issues In The Future So That The Trend Continues And The Market Becomes Used To Seeing This Capacity On Its Apps.

Furthermore, A Study From Mcgraw-Hill, Found That 81% Of All Students In Universities Actually Use Their Mobiles To Study And Learn Course Materials, Becoming A Second-To-Print Capacity For Teachers. It Is Important That All Markets Are Targeted, Businesses, Universities, Gamers, Teens, And All Other Possible Markets Willing To Use Apps And Print At The Same Time. The More You People You Reach, The More Results You Will Achieve!

#Printplus 2021 #Printlove #Printapp #App #Rushhourprinting #Predictions #Printrevolution #Printshopnearme #Washingtondc #Technology #Technologicalrevolution #Mcgrawhill

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is looking to serve you in all possible ways. Our printing skills come from years of experience in this field. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp. Our word is our bond.

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