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Today’s discussion is on the Best Ways to use Mail as a marketing tactic. In order to increase Response Rates, Rush Hour has come with several techniques to make sure the mail you are sending is as effective as the words on the paper. We want to make sure the technique works as it has time and time again. Here goes a lot:

Rule Number One

Use several mail versions for your marketing material. Send them each within a 6-week time frame, sequentially. One campaign may only return a 0.1% response rate but if you do one every 6 weeks, it may increase to at least 2% or more that year.

Rule Number Two

Use a Monthly Newsletter to catch the attention you are looking for. This way is a very effective way to spread knowledge about your industry and alerting potential clients of your business and the brand that you represent.

Rule Number Three

Target the mailing. In other words, make sure you are targeting and not just mailing out to people who may not be interested in your product/brand. Create an analysis that shows:


  1. Who your customers are
  2. Where your customers are
  3. How to contact your customers, preferably directly but also indirectly.
  4. Where to mail


Rule Number Four

Use incredible content with graphics that stand out, use full-color graphics and make sure everything is up-to-date with the culture in social media. Using relevant content or styles used in social media platforms will be better for your business and the attention it grasps.

Rule Number Five

Use a thicker paper to convey a sense of importance to your potential clients. You want to make them feel special and can only get that done through sales and promotions as well as paper and quality.


Rule Number Six

Create a sense of urgency and provide a plan of action that will allow the potential clients to respond immediately to your mailing efforts. For instance, use a countdown, use a sales offer, use a time frame, etc.

Rule Number Seven

Provide a value-driven marketing technique that will work as an incentive to these clients. You want to make sure you utilize as many incentives as possible to attract them to your brand. It is called Marketing for a reason, not friendly mail.

Rule Number Eight

Have a Clear and States call of action. Do not just let them assume what they need to do. The first perception is instantaneous. You have probably 5 seconds to make the right impression. If the reader does not have explicit instructions, they may just throw the flyer/newsletter in the recycling box and go on their merry way. You have to catch their attention, provide a plan of action and a time frame for their attention to be fully on your brand.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics will come up with more ways to use printed materials for the benefit of doing business through printing.

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