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“Marketing is a set of process and activities for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that has value for your stakeholders and society at large” (American Marketing Association). Companies indulge in aggressive digital and online marketing can create awareness regarding your products and services, helping you increase sales and the company’s revenue. But, how much to invest in PRINT marketing? Is there a fixed ratio? Print marketing needs to be NUMBER ONE priority in your advertising and marketing campaigns, but how much should you really spend on it? Is there some kind of formula or rule of thumb that you should live by?

Well, actually there are some rules and formulas you could use to get your started. There are numerous varying factors that a company needs to take into account before deciding on a fixed value for its print marketing. It all depends on the position of the company in the marketplace, its market share/value, the category of products the company produces and if the company has multiple line of products or not. However, each one of the also has a revenue. Some percentage of this revenue should be used towards print marketing, in fact, must be used.

In short, for every company the ideal percentage to be spent on marketing would be the exact same. Yes, the amount of money may differ even within each product, but the percentage will always remain the same.

Print marketing as a way to earn more in your ROI (Return on Investment).

The simplest way to explain Marketing ROI is by using the amount of revenue you earn when you spend $1 on marketing. This is going to help you understand whether or not your marketing strategies are working or whether you should continue using the same methods in the next fiscal year or change them. It is all about the response you get back from the market. $1 may serve you well for a few years or it may not serve you at all, but that is the whole point of marketing – TAKE RISKS! Do what it takes to know, because knowledge is what will ultimately give you power.

Your stockholders and sponsors swear by your ROI and this ratio is so crucial that it can affect your future cash flows and findings that simultaneously affect the growth and survival of your business. ROI is calculated using two important metrics

  1. The cost to do something
  2. The revenue generated in return

Ideal Marketing ROI

For all those companies who have a six-figure revenue, a general rule deems a 5:1 ratio ideal to maintain their current position. It is best described as for every dollar spent on marketing activities, the company earns $5 dollars in return, which is a good turnover rate, according to the experts. “Now companies who aim to acquire a greater market share and should budget a higher percentage” (FrogDog).

The general rule of thumb to calculate your ideal marketing budget then is:

Total Budget x 5% = Marketing budget required to spend to maintain current business position and visibility.

Total Budget x 10% = Marketing budget required to spend to grow and improve market share.

Small businesses have to use a larger portion of their budget for marketing because they are new setups and need to spend more to create a brand awareness in the market. It is also plausible to be more effective in the market, if the company knows what customers want, achieved only through marketing and analysis of response and rate of return.

Other Essential Factors.

Multinational companies who launch new products/services, enter new geographical target markets, have mergers and acquisitions should spend a higher percentage on their marketing activities. This is also where Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can help.

Total sales of the new product/ revenue target x 20% = Marketing budget required to spend to launch new products and services in the market, do mergers and acquisitions etc.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is here to give you what you need, ask us how we can help and let us handle the print side of things all by ourselves. We will make sure your recognized, your brand is requested and that it makes a lasting impression on all of your clients.

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