Since the advent of the internet, it has often been said that print is dead. However, we beg to differ with the proponents of this ideology because there are many reasons why print is superior to digital marketing and why it is here to stay for good. Print media has been around for a while now, and we can all agree that is has played a significant role in the way humans continue to communicate and it continues to do so despite facing stiff competition from online communication in the recent decade or so. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why print is the best marketing tool any business can have in this era of online communication and systems.

Quality paper

Our printing company uses quality paper to print marketing materials for our clients. This has the advantage of portraying your brand in a positive light which will make consumers want to associate with your business and buy from it.

Easy to grasp

Print media is easy to comprehend for most people because they are used to it and have been using it over the years. On the other hand, online communication can be difficult to understand especially for the older generation. Therefore, if your business targets the older generation, you may consider using print to market your products or services to maximize the chance of getting your message out there and attracting more customers which can be next to impossible if you only use digital marketing.

Reach local audience

As a local business that wants to target local customers, it is best to use a traditional method of marketing such as mail flyers because you will have a guarantee that they will reach local households.

Kept for future references

With print media, it is possible for consumers to keep hard copies of a marketing material and go through it several times at a future date. Print is tangible, physical  and can be smelled. The same cannot be said about online marketing.


Print media is considered to be more credible as compared to online marketing. Truth be told, most of us tend to view what we see published in a reputable newspaper such as New York Times as more credible than the news and advertisement we see published online.


There is a certain level of professionalism that print media tends to have. Advertisements placed on print appear to be more professional than those found online. Print media commands respect from everyone in an incredible way.

More engaging

Generally, people interact  with content in print more than online. They also spend less time reading online content as compared to an item on newspaper or magazine. In fact, you can start reading content on a print media and finish reading it later which can hardly be the case with online content which we tend to skim through in a hurry. Print media holds people’s attention for longer, approximately 45 minutes, unlike online content which only takes about 15 seconds before you lose interest and move to the next item.

Brand awareness

Print media is considered more effective than digital media in creating brand awareness of a product which is the lifeblood of business. Print materials highlight the visual characteristics of a brand such as images, font, colors and texture in a more profound way than online marketing. All these are the crucial aspects of branding. Materials such as pamphlets, brochures and business cards can serve this purpose well.

Grabs attention

Print materials are the best when it comes to grabbing people’s attention because they are easy to access and they are available in limited quantities.

Helps people unwind

Most people read print when they want to get away from the internet and relax their brains. Therefore, marketing through print is a smart idea since they will read your adverts as they unwind.

It is excellent for customer retention

Print media such as custom newsletters were meant to foster customer loyalty and enhance customer retention, and they are still the best for this job in this age of technological advancement.

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