Let’s all get hit with a little Reality Check, shall we?

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We are going to be discussing this in-depth in order to gain a better understanding on the numbers that currently plague social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter and the truth behind their selling power.

It is definitely a fact that today’s online media has taken up the advertisement world up by storm! It is also a fact that millions of people are still printing. Is that a leap or is online marketing not really working? Well, let us consider this.

It is true that social media advertising has grown tremendously over the past few years. No doubt! In fact, Facebook alone has close to 2 billion users, according to the latest figures from Statista. Instagram has over 600 million, Tumblr has 550 million and Twitter has 317 million. Imagine that! That seem like a huge window of opportunity for many advertisers. But, is it?

Recently, a study by SUMO Heavy Industries noted that out of 1003 respondents, about 72% of them used the platforms daily, 47% of them a few times a day, and 11% of them never used them at all. These participants were asked the reason behind going on social media and 24% of them said that they had purchased something they had seen advertised online (the answers were based on ONE occasion that this occurred, not multiple). But, they were asked if social media had a big influence on their purchasing decisions and only 3.09% responded positively. About 42% noted that it was a somewhat influential method, and about 51% said it was absolutely not an influence at all.

The participants were asked about the specific reason for their purchasing online, only 15% said it was the online ads. The rest was family and friends at 30%, product reviews and news about the product 53% and other posts on their feeds 53%. Take a look at the responses from the study:

There was another study completed by the Neilsen Company, that found that 13% of the heavy social media users clicked on at least one advertisement in the last month. There were no figures for light or medium users.

Thus, it can be concluded that there is only a percentage of influence on users, it is not all the glam it portrays to be.

Another study in Germany by eMarketer.com found that ads in newspapers and magazines had a rate of 54% influence on its readers compared to only 16% from website ads.


Another study published by the same firm, noted that there was a huge difference between printed ads, printed marketing materials and digital ads, sponsored content.  Look for yourself.


Some may wonder if the differences are based on age. Well, this does not seem to be the case. Generation X, Y and Z are not really all that different when it comes to purchasing online. According to a study by Kantar Millward Brown, the younger generations are also open to physical, print marketing, more so than digital campaigns. Thus, even though they spend more time online, they still purchase from physical locations or more influenced by printed ads. See the online version of the report and understand the ad channels and how they differ. The traditional ad format seems to still be the preferred method of advertising.

In our next blog, we will delve into the statistics behind newspaper advertising and other print advertising methods. But, here is a bit of a sneak peak!

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