If you are thinking of hosting an event, a concert, sale or a store opening, your primary concern should be advertising and making many people aware of the event. When it comes to advertising you have unlimited options at your disposal which include;

  • Television
  • Newspaper
  • Billboards
  • Adverts

The above methods are just but a few to mention. However, for small business owners, the above mediums can prove to be way above their spending budget. Due to the relatively high cost associated with such medium of advertising small business find it quite a challenge to advertise or promote their events.

Since time immemorial word of mouth has been quite effective as a medium of marketing. It has been considered a primary form of advertisement and has gradually advanced through the use of social media. Facebook and Twitter offer a free platform for small business owners to market their events and reach out many people.

Though the mediums are affordable the task associated with reaching out consumers proves to be very tasking and tedious. We cannot deny that social media plays a significant role in creating awareness although as an entrepreneur it’s only advisable to implement techniques that have been tested and tried in marketing for decades.

Direct marketing and the use of flyers is seen as an effective marketing strategy for promoting your events. Flyers provide an excellent platform to reach out your target market and promote your event in many ways that may include;

  • Street distribution
  • Newspaper inserts
  • In-store distribution
  • Door to door mail drop off

Flyers offer you an opportunity to be creative; this opportunity gives you a chance to draw your target attention to critical details.  You get to maximize your creativity on an A4 or A5size sheet which can be printed in both sizes to cut down and optimize cost. For decoration, you can use a finish fold on the flyer.

Flyers are adequate for their tangible nature; the fact that customers come into physical contact is surety of getting the message across efficiently and quickly. Flyer packaging has a lot of impact on how you sell your services to the customer, will the customer be left in suspense of where to find more information regarding your services?  Plus your creativity will determine if the customer will read past the first paragraph.

Flyers are lovable for their versatile nature you can include coupons and vouchers to motivate customers to come to your event while at the same time creating awareness. The coupon can also be useful as a measuring tool to estimate your market campaign effectiveness.

Your results can be used to create feature projections. Addition of numbers, custom URLs and QR codes on your flyers can help you chart your progress in marketing strategies. If you are in need of high-quality printing materials in Washington Dc such as business cards, flyers, posters, yard signs, envelopes or brochures, then you should call Rush Hour Printing and Graphics for your fair estimation.

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