As outlined in the previous article, a door hanger marketing campaign must be designed strictly based on a set of rules and regulations that will ensure more sales and more profit.

Here are other steps that can make this campaign successful.

Step 4 – Create an enchanting Design

Your door hanger can only be successful if it is able to command attention from your prospects. In fact, that is the main aim of your door hanger alongside your copy and the headline.

Door hangers are placed on strategic points like on the doorknobs to enable customers to easily take note of them, but you should ensure that your special offer and brand are also noticed immediately.

An impressive design does not just attract people to your special offer, but it also says something about your business, brand, as well as your products and services’ quality. The following should be featured on your door hanger design:

  • Layout and color that can command attention
  • Images and illustrations that your customers will relate with
  • A typography that bold, but clean and very easy to read
  • Perforated coupons or highlighted coupon codes for the purposes of tracking the performance of the campaign.
  • Your targeted audience will only read your special offer if you are able to differentiate your brand from the main competition and identify a common ground for your clients.

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Step 5 – Get An Earmarked Distribution List

If 40% of the success of your campaign is dependent on your special offer, the same percentage would also be based directly on your distribution list’s quality. The list should attract various groups of people who match the demographics of your best customer. They should include the following;

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographic location
  • Income
  • Purchasing habits
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Family/marital status

Even though door hangers are distributed as per the geographic locations, (and it would be hard to specifically target a particular group as you would do with other mediums like direct-mail campaigns); you can, however, point out neighborhoods that have chances of housing individuals who might be interested in your commodities; based, of course, on the factors mentioned above. There are particular groups who even provide common sense niche targeting. Selling swimming pool products, for instance, will work best in an area built with swimming pools.

Step 6 – Print Door Hangers

Now that you’ve known that 80% of the success of your door hanger marketing campaign is based your offer and distribution, the other 20% will depend on factors such as design, copy, as well as printing. Even though it is possible to get value in the design and copy, your door hanger printing quality as well as being able to find a discounted quality play a critical role in how people perceive your business and brand, and most importantly, your overall ROI – return on investment.

When printing door hangers, the following tips can really help;

  • For a more beautiful piece that can accommodate all the information you need to pass out to your clients, print a full-color two sized door hangers
  • For a heavyweight and a modish feel, use the 12-point gloss paper stock
  • To be able to lower overhead, just print a number of door hangers you can easily distribute. Remember that your price per piece will be dependent on the number of volumes.
  • Make your door hangers appear stylish by using custom die-cut shapes, perforated coupons, or foil stamps that are shiny and bright
  • Look out for any avenue of discount door hanger printing offer to save your investment and earn you more return
  • Request for a hard copy proof to be able to check for typos, and other errors before you print

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Step 7 – The Distribution of Door Hanger

Once you have finished the design of your door hanger and even printed it out, the next thing to do is to start distribution to your targeted prospects.  Door hanger distribution can only be successful through the following ways:

  • You can opt to do the distribution alone, though it might take much time
  • You can choose to hire a third party to assist you, but again, it could be expensive
  • Your employees can assist in doing the distribution, but you must be ready to pay them
  • You can hire volunteers to help you in this venture, but again, it would be wise to reward them towards the end with something like pizza or cocktail party

Volunteers appear to be one of the most cost-effective door hanger distribution methods since it is basically free. In just a single day, you will be able to pass through several neighborhoods with your materials and sell to many people. The method of employee distribution is another good idea, but third-party door hanger distribution firms can be a bit expensive and are only suitable for large-scale distribution.

Step 8 – Analyze Your Door Hanger Marketing Campaign

Over the course of your campaign, it is very important to keep track of the number of responses you get, so that you can be able to measure the performance of your campaign against your initial objectives once the special offer expires. This is the only way of determining whether the campaign was successful or not. Meeting your goals would be a good thing, but if you weren’t able, it would be wise to evaluate all that you might have done incorrectly. The first point, to begin with, is your offer and the kind of distribution channel that you applied.

These steps can assist you in achieving a successful door hanger marketing campaign, but they must be followed strictly lest the whole campaign will be a waste of time and resources.

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