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Even though much has been said and written about approaches for designing eye-catching print marketing materials, it is also very important to note that design is not the only element you need to stress on if you want an attractive print marketing product. Your print marketing should be able to enhance the image of your brand, pass a clear message about quality to your consumers, and in turn, generate more sales.

All these cannot be achieved by only the design. Therefore, we will be able to offer you premium printing that will assist in drafting print marketing documents, capable of making the customers feeling appreciated. Here are the leading ten printing tips that we will be able to offer.

ONE = Have More Advanced Paper Stock

The beauty of the print marketing material is greatly affected by the paper stock choice. A glossy paper stock is ideal with a bright and shiny sheen. However, if you are looking for a more forlorn sheen, then we will recommend matte. The uncoated paper stock is also available to those who want to be entirely unique, even though for more beautiful first impressions and elegance, thicker paper stocks top the list.

TWO = Die-cut Shapes

Custom shapes and rounded corners are forms of die cuts that can give your business an outstanding impression and market your brand well.

THREE = Foil Stamps

If you are looking for a special appeal to your print marketing material and a taste of freshness and brilliance, then we will advise you to pick the foil stamps.

FOUR = Oversized Printing

The title might make it sound different, but the fact is that printing big is a brave step that will drive traffic to your business. We will be able to boost your business by offering you oversized brochures, postcards, as well as large format vinyl banners.

FIVE = Soy Inks

Compared to ordinary petroleum-based inks, the soy-based inks will produce more dynamic colors. In addition to that, they are also eco-friendly.

SIX = Folds & Scores

We will carry out folding for those who are printing marketing materials that are supposed to be folded.

SEVEN = Wire-O Binding

We will bind your booklets and catalogs with Wire-O and make them appear more attractive and thickly built. This is a better choice than using staples.

EIGHT = UV Coating

There is no element that can add an extra shine to a print marketing material such as a thick UV coating. In addition to that, a thick UV coating will also protect your materials against damage. Business cards and postcards also make marketing materials much stronger.

NINE = Top-notch Press Work

The first thing you should ask about when comparing printing firms is the type of digital and offset they apply. We will print your marketing materials on a state-of-the-art press that will earn you better results with its standard color calibration.

TEN = Seek Professional Advice

As a professional printing shop, we are ready to provide advice to those who are not sure of the path they should take for their printing needs. We will be able to assist you in picking the paper finishes, sizes, stocks, and a variety of other features that will work best with your print marketing material.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is looking to serve you in all possible ways. Our printing skills come from years of experience in this field. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp. Our word is our bond.

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    Honestly, this blog helps businesses understand that printing materials is still the best way to reach a larger number of people in the market at one time. We need to recognize that online marketing is not the end-all to marketing. There are other methods that have to be used in order to really succeed!
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