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Print is Back with a Bang and with New Marketing Strategies

Just when you thought printing was dead and gone, the truth can’t be further from that. Far away from the traditional printing of the 19th century, the modern-day printing is on a whole new level. Many have considered online marketing the new way for the future of print, but experts have always recognized printing as a sleeping giant in the modern day advertising. Before we even knew, printing made a quick comeback in contemporary marketing with the incorporation of new technology. In fact, it’s so different from the one in the 80s, except for the common basics that you’d think it’s new.

Statistics have proved that direct mail continues to be heavily used with a 43% share of local retail advertising. You cannot argue with numbers, can you? More so, a study by Pitney Bowes put it at 76%, the percentage of small businesses that prefer using both print and digital communication as a marketing strategy.

There is no better place to do your advertising than at Rush Hour Printing and Graphics. If you are looking to print something eye-catching, then this is the perfect place for you. Their name speaks for itself. At #RHPG we have modern equipment that prints in minutes, just suitable for the rush hour you are in.

Some of the products at Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can make any skeptic rethink their opinions on the printing industry. There are so many new approaches regarding printing that make it seem like a new way of advertising when in fact it has been here for generations. These methods have made print even a more efficient means of advertising that it has ever been before.

Variable printing

Advancement in printing technology has even made the printing costs lower. Some printing veterans wonder why it has to be so good yet still very affordable. These low prices allow for variable printing to be possible.

In case you are wondering what this is, it’s a new trend that allows RHPG to uniquely customise each piece of media by only changing certain elements to vary from piece to piece. It’s a creative way to personalize pieces of media to suit different people. The world is changing, and we have realized that we are all different. Everything is personalized, form emails and now to media.

A quick example, running mail campaigns with personalized postcards by their recipient’s name, or create unique coupons with individual serial numbers which you can track which customers used them. Use this technique with variable images, and you could create a series of assorted business cards each with unique background photos.

The personalized touch which lacks in traditional print marketing is what impresses the modern-day audience, and they have learned to appreciate this tool. No place demonstrates the efficiency of this tool than at RHPG. The audience appreciates your effort to personalize a message than when the message is same to multiple recipients like in traditional printing.

QR codes and NFC

We are in an era where we literally walk with computers in our hands-in an old man’s perspective. And it’s true, smartphones and tablets have taken over. Think about it, not long ago, the only way to advertise your web presence was sending URL links and hope your audience will type them into a browser. But you have to understand; Your audience is getting lazier every single day- no offense, but who has the time to copy paste leave alone typing into a browser?

Get smart as your audience gets lazy, get to understand how QR codes work. They make it possible for print media to directly connect to customers to your website by scanning a coded image from their phones, but that’s a story for another day.

Now, QR codes can be customised with both colors and patterns that integrate with your print marketing. It can be creatively used to add branded elements to match your designs.

With NFC (near-field communication) it’s even more mind-blowing. You just touch your mobile device against the print media and boom, it connects you to the website. What happens is that the technology uses a tiny microchip to send signals directly to your mobile device without the need of scanning. The NFC technology is still in preparation to overlap QR code technology, so not many devices have it. But it’s better to get ahead of the game.

Of course, these technologies are not limited to connecting your audiences to your websites; there is a wide range of their capabilities which include playing videos, distribute files, etcetera. All these capabilities enable the audience to explore, engage and share more.

Incorporate print and social media

Networking is inevitable to entrepreneurs. Reaching your customer is always the goal. Then came social media and it made the whole thing easier.

But you still have to draw attention from the customers. You have to attract them to your facebook page and what better way to do so than having an exquisitely designed business card by RHPG which will include twitter handle and all your other social media pages?

Stands out more

When companies are breaking each other’s necks on the internet trying to impress prospects, you could be different by standing out from the rest. Fact is, there is a big void in print marketing that many are ignoring.

A US postal service survey indicated that a majority of people who receive direct mail pay attention to it. The international Communications research put it at 73% those who prefer mail over other advertising methods and 40% those who try new businesses after receiving direct mail.

If these statistics don’t convince you otherwise, I don’t know what will. All I’m saying, just visit www.rushhourprinting.com and see for yourself some of their incredible offers.

Who said printing is just for paper products?

You can get your message on mugs, clothing, stickers, and pens. Think of it in terms of a gift for your most loyal customers and most hardworking employees, or even as a promotional material for your campaign. Either way, your audience is more likely to hold on to them and create a longer and stronger brand impression.

All these studies and even more that we haven’t mentioned prove that print marketing is far from dead. One most recent, a 2010 report by Direct Marketing Association themselves found that for every 1 dollar spent on print ads, 12.57 more is generated in sales regardless of any industry.

Print marketing doesn’t guarantee success. What you need is an effective print strategy that will put your brand in a spotlight and excite your audience. Of course, you can’t get this by using a mediocre printing firm.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics incorporates all these modern marketing tools to make your brand a success story. Feel free to visit their website at www.rushhourprinting.com  and find out their exclusive deals.

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