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Every enterprise must implement a creative strategy for it to succeed. A creative strategy that a business decides to use influences the direction that the marketing efforts of the business will take. In most cases, businesses use a laid down set of strategies, but it is prudent to take risks creatively to set your business apart from the competition. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can help you implement your creative marketing strategies through providing you with quality services. We provide a wide array of printing services to Washington DC residents and neighboring areas including door hangers, business cards, calendars, posters, banners, flyers among others.

There are various yardsticks that people use to measure the success of their marketing methods. These include SEO, sales, conversion rates, social engagement and web traffic. Analytical data is used to track these results which make it easy to measure their performance. If the business notices that the strategy they are using is not effective, it can investigate what makes the strategy unsuccessful and see what it can improve to make it more efficient or use a different strategy. The important thing to note is that every strategy stems from a creative idea and that every unique and creative idea that has ever been conceived in the marketing world was born out of thorough research and intuition.

The role of creative strategy is normally to set the ground for business growth. It can be executed in three major steps namely research, creativity and strategic planning. Any marketing plan should have a creative strategy at its core. On the other hand, any robust strategy should be made up of the following elements which promote business growth:

1. Needs and Objectives

The best way to come up with a specific answer is to answer specific questions. A creative strategy that has been seriously thought out will identify the most crucial needs of the brand and business that need to be met and also take into account both industry and consumer perceptions. This way, the strategy will be bespoke, and thus it will be effective. A good example is the Dominos’ Pizza Turnaround Campaign. The moment the company begun incorporating customer feedback into their creative marketing strategy, the sales volume of the company rose significantly. The company also used other ways of marketing such as celebrity endorsements, and offering free pizza to customers among others. RHPG can advise you on other effective ways of marketing that can boost your sales drawing from their many years in the print marketing industry.

2. Come up with a Blueprint

Finding solutions to problems is important. However, a solution does not just surface from nowhere. A creative strategist is a person tasked with the responsibility of thinking about the way forward for the business. Making a blueprint that addresses critical questions such as what threats are you bound to encounter in the future and how can you avoid them? What can you learn from the mistakes of other companies? Such a blueprint will enable your business to ensure that all the employees are aware of the company’s marketing strategy. Some situations necessitate that a business prepares more than one marketing plan to deal with special targets. A marketer also needs to make good use of a SWOT analysis to find answers to certain questions and know the way forward for the business. SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats. You should carefully examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business so that you can be in a position to formulate a creative marketing plan that can help your business grow.

3. Research Widely

A creative strategy needs to be well-informed. It should factor whatever is happening in the industry. It should also take into consideration what the competition is doing, what advancements are about to happen in the digital space and the new technology that is about to be launched. There is no way a roadmap or a blueprint can bear positive results if it is not based on well-researched facts and it is also oblivious to the changes that are happening in the world every day. It is also important to be always aware of what is happening in our industry. You should identify changes and emerging trends in your industry to outdo your competitors. Conducting a competitive analysis can be quite beneficial for your company because it will keep you updated at all times. Basically, a competitive analysis entails knowing who your competitors are and observing what they are doing. Compare your business and that of your competitors and do a SWOT analysis of their businesses. Notice what they are doing right and consider implementing it into your operations to keep up with them and avoid being faced out of business. Another way that you can research information about your industry is through reading trade magazines; attend seminars and conferences held by industry players and browse online.

4. Storytelling

Put your storytelling ability to good use by telling a story about your business. Every brand has a unique point of view or a story which should be the basis of its communication. Does your brand have a unique stance on something? What is it? Your unique outlook will be the basis of your messaging marketing plan. Storytelling has become a crucial aspect of marketing especially in this age of social media. Therefore, you should exploit it fully. RHPG will tell you for certain that this is an effective strategy because it has worked for us.

5. Influence Consumer Behavior

You have set the goal, and you have drafted the plan. The next thing to do will be to decide the action that you would want the audience to take. The action that you decide on should be specific to ensure that the conversion will also be direct and to the point. Consumers do not like being made to guess the intentions of the marketer; the more direct you are the better.


Your business will be set up for success and growth if you create and implement a creative strategy. With the above fundamental elements, you can be sure that your business’s stability will be stable in the long term. It is important to invest time and money to create a strong foundation on which you can build and grow your business. Ideally, creativity is the lifeblood of every marketing campaign as evidenced by all the marketing campaigns that have been successful over the years such as Coca-Cola, and most recently dove and iPhone.in deed, it is the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign as explained in this article here. RHPG understands just how important creativity is in a marketing strategy and will use all its resources and experience to help you pull off a great campaign that will go viral and bring in more customers to your business. We offer creatively designed printing marketing materials that will make your business stand out.
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