Just when you thought catalogs were dead and gone in the new digital era. They have actually reinvented and are now more effective than ever before.

As interviewed by Kenneth Greg of CBS news, Mellissa Emerson prefers marketing the old-fashioned way. She and her husband own a seed company and plants in January to make them ready for the catalog release in November.

She relies on the catalog to advertise her seed company and can’t think of another effective way to reach out prospects. Her customers read it and order purchases online.

At Dingley press, where Melissa prints her catalog, business is booming. The VP, Jim Gibbs agrees that Dingley press has had a recent unwavering success with online business owners. In spite of the digital age being predicted to lure out print business, he asserts that it has in fact helped.

Mr. Gibbs further adds that most of their clients have grown their business up to a point where they need to reach new prospects and catalogs is one of the most effective ways to do so.

And it’s not just Mellissa, Atlanta’s onwards reserve clothing retailer also prefers a printed page because of its personal touch. It’s a connection between the customer and the business.

So why is catalog bigger and more effective than it has ever been? Here are some of the reasons why;

It lets customers read on their terms

Nowadays everyone is on his or her smartphones every chance they get. And it’s nice, but sometimes you want to save your phone battery from draining. A conversation with your colleagues and talking about the weather is definitely not on your mind. That’s where catalogs come in.

Imagine reading an item online and then can’t find it a second time when you need it most. With catalogs, customers can read whenever and however many times they want.

They serve as great reminders for customers

Let’s be honest- being bombarded with emails every now and then is annoying. It was interesting back in the day but today, it’s boring. Why? Because everyone is doing it.

Stand out from the rest, send customers a little ‘happy’ by sending them a catalog. Tell them of the new merchandise being added or a big offer. They won’t have to pay a dime to flip pages.

It’s available even when internet is down

With electronics, they can break, the internet always goes down. But catalogs don’t. When they have those pages with your contact in them, they are only a call away from you.

Catalogs stick longer than emails do

How long do you keep your emails after reading them? Quite honestly, if I don’t see myself reading them again, I delete it, immediately. But with catalogs, you tend to keep them longer. Catalogs allow customers to hold a retention. But with emails, they may end up in the trash or in spam folder without them knowing.

Reach out to the customer you want

New technology makes it possible for users to target specific audiences. Think about them according to their age, gender, homeowners, pet owners, income, and education level. Today, you can mail out catalogs based on past purchases and demographics that are directly linked to your business. Besides, reaching out to the specific customers will save you both time and money.

In a nutshell, businesses can use catalogs to tell stories to their customers, like Melissa does. Studies have proved that customers are more responsive when they can relate to stories. The catalog is a driving force behind Melissa’s booming business. She can’t picture her business without the catalog.

More than 13billion catalogs a year are moved via mail. And customers reached out via catalogs, Jim Gibbs refers to them as the ‘holy grail’ because of their repeat purchases and loyalty. Do the math.

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