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Have you ever wondered if your business card achieves its intended purpose? Shocking enough 88% of the 27, 397,260 business cards printed each year end up in the garbage. Facts have it that most business cards contain substandard designs and that’s why they end up in the trash. It’s therefore vital for you to design a more superior model that would deliver results. Rush hour printing and Graphics Company recommends the Use of the following 12 steps to developing quality eye-catching business cards.

1. Planning

Before creating a business card, it’s useful to research extensively and make a decision on what to include on the business card. Discuss goals and objectives with your clients. Collect samples to use as a guide in the process of designing the card. For each template sample you pick, examine it and decide if it is the best design to fulfill your aims and objectives. Pick ideas that will meet your clients’ needs before you design your business card.

2. Select You Your Company’s Contact Information

Your contact Infor will enable customers to contact you and enhance the communication process. Make sure you choose the right contact information as it is sometimes confusing. Contact Information may include

• Name

• Logo

• Phone number

• Email

• Postal address

• Website address

3. Come Up With A Supportive Text

Your clients’ needs to know the reason why they should come to your company. To get more clients add taglines or even a call to action text like “buy one get one free from our stores.”

4. Add Illustrations And Beautiful Pictures

Pictures and illustrations speak louder than words, and it’s essential to incorporate them into your business card.

5. Select The Right Materials For Your Card

Rush hour printing and Graphics Company uses the following materials; high-quality paper, recycled paper, textured materials, and metals.

6. Choose A Shape For Your Business Card

Most business cards take the form of a rectangle. In the US 3.5 by 2-inch paper size is recommended for use in the corporate sector.it is also the standardized size for creating business cards.

7. Choose An Imprint Method

The material chosen in step 5 above will dictate the type of imprint you will use in grafting the business card. Rush Hour Printing And Graphics uses the following in designing business cards

• Pumps printing

• Four color printing

• Foil stamping

• Embossing

8. Select A Coating

Courting film enhances business card durability and appearance, apply after printing the business card, and it affects the final design of the card.Examples of business card coating:

• Aqueous

• Lamination

• UV(ultraviolet coating)

• Spot

9. Pick A Nice Color Scheme

Color is significant in designing a business card. We at Rush Hour Printing And Graphics offer our esteemed clients with colorful designed cards. Always make sure that the colors you choose adhere to the goals of the business company.

10. Choose Typography

Use two to three types of fonts, use easy to read sans serif or serif fonts. Best designed business card use point 8 font size to enable easy readability of its content.

11. Layout

A Good layout is easy to read and allows for most information to fill in a small space. Arrange your items according to the order of priority. Allocate more space to the essential element in designing the business card. You can as well choose five most critical parts and cut out the rest from the design. Rush hour printing and graphics has the best layout and will offer your customer compelling content.

12. Preparing For Publication

It involves formatting the business card before final print out. You can add bleeds, borders and safe area. Proofread the card and print the last business card.

In conclusion, business card design requires an expert to follow the above steps and design a quality business card. Are you considering creating a new business card? Worry no more, choose Rush Hour Printing and Graphics Company it is the new frontier for all your publication needs. We are the best in the market, and our services are cheap since we offer a Price Match Guarantee!

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