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On average, it costs a business as much as five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to hold onto an existing one. Therefore, if you want to keep customer acquisition costs down, focus on retaining existing customers and building a loyal relationship with each one. One of the easiest ways to increase sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness is to use inserts that go into the packaging of your merchandise.

An effective packaging inserts program can improve the unboxing experience and at the same time, build loyalty and credibility among your customers. Here are additional reasons why you should use packaging inserts for your business:

· Packaging inserts make the customer feel special and become more loyal to your brand. Such a customer is more likely of sharing his/her experience with others.

· You can use packaging inserts to liquidate hard-to-move merchandise. Turn these goods to a marketing expense and use it to improve your relationship with your existing customer base.

· Packaging inserts can help you understand your customer likes/dislikes. You can use this information to kickstart a highly targeted cross-selling campaign.

· You get to deliver the message on the packaging inserts for free. Shipping services don’t charge more for the packaging inserts.

· Customized packages. You know your customers well so you can customize the package insert for the person receiving it.

Packaging inserts are also cheap and easy to deliver, yet they have high returns. All you have to do chuck a coupon or a flyer in every order before you ship it. But that’s not all you can do; there are many ways you can use packaging inserts to increase sales and customer loyalty. These include:

Personalized or Handwritten Notes/Cards. This is one of the best ways of maintaining or improving your customer loyalty ratings. Nothing makes a customer happier than receiving a personalized thank you note from the business they just bought from.

Gifts. Including a free gift in a customer’s order is a great way to build a loyal relationship with them without being too ‘salesy.’ An additional gift doesn’t have to be expensive; most customers will be pleasantly surprised since they did not expect it.

Samples. Every once in a while, include a free sample in your packaging to increase the exposure of your products and provide additional value for your customer. It’s a great way to cross-sell and introduce your customers to new products they may have heard of but are yet to try.

Discount Codes. This is the most popular way of increasing sales and customer loyalty with packaging inserts. It’s simple. Come up with striking, comprehensive discount offers in your packaging with services such as Rush Hour Printing and Graphics.

Online Invites. No business can afford to overlook the importance of online world. You can use packaging inserts to ask your customers for a review or invite them to your social media page to share their experience with your brand.

Packaging inserts can help your brand meet or even exceed your customers’ expectations as long as everything else is in order. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can help you make eye-catching, informative packaging inserts. Get in touch with use for more information on how you can use packaging inserts to bolster your marketing efforts.

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