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Marketing via print is not just about putting your name and contact information on a card. It is more. The marketing card has to speak on behalf of the brand you hope to sell. Many people in business do not understand the benefits aligned with appealing marketing materials.

There is a need to show style and work feature to captivate your prospects. Whether you are personalizing cards or customizing packaging, at Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, we have creative suggestions that will surely boost your brand.

At RHPG, you will also find our card products appealing. We offer an assortment of services ranging from versatile rep cards and postcards to the traditional business cards. Besides that, customers have the opportunity to choose for themselves. You are also free to have a personalized or customized card to meet your needs.


The ideal choice for large-scale marketing is the postcard. The variety of services available and its multiple printing surfaces makes it a favorite medium. It is also possible to put numerous images both at the back and at the front to go alongside your information. This way, people can know you are advertising.

Postcards can be used in the advertisement of the mini session and publicizing senior packages. Postcards can be used creatively even when marketing is not the solitary purpose. For example, you could use it in the form of handwritten thank you notes or mailers. A shrewd business person knows that every moment is a marketing moment, you just have to utilize it creatively.

Business Card

Our exquisite designers with impeccable design skills will not let you down. If you want to impress your clients with high-quality 2×3.5, there is only one place that can deliver the results you want, at rush hour printing and graphics. Our firm also gives you the opportunity to approve the designs that suit you. We also have the best features for your style, for example, we use appealing graphic at the front of the cards and contact information at the back.

Rep Cards

Rep cards serve as great reminders for clients. They can also be used as a means of appreciating someone. For example, a valentines card for each client, thank them for trusting and conducting business with you last year. They can also serve as an appreciation gift and as well as a good reminder that you are still open for the same opportunity in the future.

You may notice that rep cards are similar to business cards but not really. Well, they are printed in bulk, because of their purpose in reaching out to a variety of clients. Remember, at Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, we offer a variety of paper options in rep cards for you to choose from. The objective is to make you stand out by providing a range of cards including the thick card stock with a matte surface.

The designs of these cards require a great deal of art to best exhibit your professionalism. There are lots of other creative ways we have not mentioned, including making use of the branded stickers, attractive alternatives in branding magnets and appealing bookmarks, all which serve the same purpose- enthralling prospects with the creativity in your brand.
So if you would want to learn more creative ways to boost your brand, you can only trust Rush Hour Printing and Graphics to do this job. We look forward to meeting you.

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