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The printing industry is arguably the fastest growing industry at the moment. Print advertising, particularly packaging and labels are the principal driving factors propelling the print industry forward.

Case in point, India. The printing market in India is experiencing exponential growth that is underway in seeing them grow into the fifth largest printing market, up from its current tenth place, by the end of the year. This growth is being experienced in varying degrees across the globe opening up a whole new business avenue for the savvy business person looking to invest in an industry that promises to continue in the up and up on growth and stability.

The best printing avenues to invest in include:

Ammonia printing – this process is mostly used in the real estate and construction sector, it is however not only limited to that. They are also used in developing infrastructures across the globe. This provides an ideal business opportunity that can be efficiently carried out even with limited.

At Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, we have extensive experience in producing ammonia print and blueprints for a wide variety of projects from residential to infrastructural.

Bi-axially oriented polypropylene film printing – this print technique is largely used in woven bags and pouches. It produces high-quality graphics on these materials, which remain popular in packaging animal feeds seeds etc. because it improves their fluid barrier capability and makes them stronger.

At Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, we have invested in producing high-quality BOPP film printing allowing us to complete any number of projects for an affordable price, and in record time.

Cardboard Box Printing – this business can be easily started with modest investment and a sizeable premise. With cardboard boxes being used for a wide variety of goods, you are assured of a ready market with this printing option.

Digital Printing – this sector has of late undergone significant transformation making it a popular choice for anyone with a relatively small printing needs but in need of high-quality output.

At Rush Hour Printing and Graphics we have the most updated technology when it comes to digital printing techniques. This allows us to carry out even a large number of orders with the quality that comes with digital printing not being compromised.

Flex Printing – this type of printing is convenient for businesses which have outdoor banners, stands, stand covers, etc. it is a favorable business as it can be set anywhere whether urban or small town.

If these sound too grandiose, there are other smaller scale ideas that you may want to consider:

1. Offset Printing – this is the best print option for magazines, postcards, etc. it provides excellent image quality.
2. Sticker Printing – you can opt to set up a business dealing with promotional sticker printing with the main client base being car owners.
3. Sublimation Printing – this printing method involves transferring images and text onto fabric.
4. Textile Printing – this process consists of infusing dye to fabric to create designs.
5. T-Shirt Printing – T-shirts are timeless, and are worn by all genders and age group. This makes them a sure bet when looking for a printing business to start.
Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is a one-stop shop for all your printing needs.

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