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Taking the first step is always the hardest when considering opening up a business. If you have decided which business idea to go with, then you have already conquered the first milestone. Now the next step is to find ways of marketing your new business.

Finding a way of educating your potential market about your new business and creating the right connections is imperative in bringing you, clients. How do you achieve this? Below are several ways you can market your business by doing what you do best, printing.

Business cards – These offer a great opportunity for networking with potential customers. You can maximize their use by including them in invoices, sales proposals and any other official communication between your business and potential clients. Ensure you produce high-quality business cards as they also communicate to the client about the quality of work they are to expect when they engage your services.

At Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, we use up to date technology to produce business cards that will grab everyone’s attention and shed a positive light on your business.

Letterheads and envelopes – you will always use stationary when communicating with clients and potential clients. Use this opportunity to cement your brand by having your stationery printed with your official logo and contact details. This ensures that no matter where the communication reaches the other end; they will have your contact details on hand always. It also lends your business credibility.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics offers professional stationery printing at reasonable rates, depending on the stationary to be printed and the number.

Brochures and flyers – ensure you leave behind marketing tools that will educate your potential clients about the services you provide. Give them out at meetings, fairs, etc. you can also distribute them to other vendors to display and give out to their customers.

Folders – this is a great way to provide all your marketing materials in a neat and organized way. It gives off a professional aura to your business and commands respect especially when you feature your logo on the front of it.

To maximize the marketing potential of your printing business:

a) Ensure you use the same information in all your marketing collateral. You should, however, tailor the information depending on the type of collateral that will contain it.

b) Ensure you use the same information that is in your print collateral on your online platforms. This enables the consumer and potential client easily relate to your business as they are receiving the same concise information from both media.

c) Ensure you thoroughly proofread all your information before printing to avoid any instances of grammatical errors, missing numbers in contact information and spelling errors. These convey unprofessionalism when spotted by a prospective client.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is an established printing brand. We have a vast experience in a wide variety of printing projects from real estate and infrastructure blueprint printing to t-shirt printing. We employ the most up to date technology to ensure you receive the highest quality print output no matter the type of project.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics WE EAT DEADLINES FOR BREAKFAST! We are looking forward to serving you from our two DC locations. Our printing skills come from years of experience and hard work. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do and always give their best. Check out our reviews on Yelp. Our word is our bond and we are here to prove that!

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