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All About the Rush Hour Printing and Graphics Table Tents

What is the RHPG Table Tent?

Tent cards. Table Talkers. Some quarters may refer to table tents as such. An RHPG table tent is a printout that has at least three physical dimensions to enable people to see information on the sides. It is mostly placed on countertops and desks. Additionally, some people might prefer the table tents on bedside tables, TV stands or even public display windows. The bottom line of table tents is to be made visible on high human traffic joints such as hotel counters, office customer care desks, principal’s office desks, etc. Most people are familiar with hotel menus; the most famous of the table tents.

Which shapes are best suited for table tents?

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics table tent shapes are highly customized. The personalization aspect means that clients can be able to specify the shape format that they desire. On this note, most customers prefer the conventional Standing triangle, pyramid, and A-Frame.

Which size is suitable for table tents?

• For Pyramid shape formats, diagonals of 4.25″ with a 5.1″ base, 5″ with a 5.7″ base, and 3.4″ with a 3.9″ base.

• For an A-frame, the suitable formats are 5″ x 6.5″ panels, 8″ x 4″ panels and 4″ x 6″ panels.

• On Triangles, common sizes are 6″ x 4″ panels, 8″ x 4″ panels and 4″ x 4″ panels.

What are the paper materials used in table tent-making?

• 120# Dull/Matte Cover
• 120# Gloss Cover
• 100# Uncoated Cover
• Durable synthetics
• Specialty papers

Which methods does RHPG apply in making table tents?

Die cut slit method. In this procedure, materials are measured and cut into different sizes then attached.

Glue application method. Some materials are glued together into different shapes to form a table tent.

The RHPG Customized Table Tent Printing

Personalized table tent printing entails a vast array of options that can be utilized for any objective. The Rush Hour Printing and Graphics services can augment the already outstanding look of the table tent to create deep reaching impressions. RHPG, gives you the liberty to select any styles and formats that best depict who you are, what you do, why you are the best and where you are. To underscore the contents of the table tent printing, we have a variety of stylings and formatting that can work for you and showcase your vision in an alluring way.

They are;

• Foil Stamping
• Embossing
• Die Cuts
• Pantone Inks
• Metallic Inks
• 100% Recycled Papers

At Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, we understand that competition is stiff. To make your brand unique to your clients, we strive to customize our RHPG table tent printings. To save time and reduce inconveniences, RHPG has a developed an online order placement feature.

To assure on quality service delivery, Rush Hour Printings and Graphics have a team of creative artists who can balance between showcasing your strategies, selection of options and printing for a competitive market.

Notably, during transportation, the table tents are flattened to avoid damage. At the point of delivery, they are reshaped through re-orienting the shapes.Rush Hour Printing and Graphics WE EAT DEADLINES FOR BREAKFAST! We are looking forward to serving you from our two DC locations. Our printing skills come from years of experience and hard work. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do and always give their best. Check out our reviews on Yelp. Our word is our bond and we are here to prove that!

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