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Conventional Business cards are essential tools for marketing your business to prospective clients, business agents or brokers. The financial obligations of many businesses prompt firms to diversify production and create their business cards to cut costs and reduce budgets. Such decisions result in poorly structured business cards that barely leave lasting impressions on readers if at all any.

In the wake of such trends, business cards have become more and more of inferior quality which enables professionally designed business cards not only appeal to the targeted clientele but drive sales through the roof. The secret is quite open: Creating a differentiated and professionally styled and formatted business cards.

Business owners should mind the fact that business cards are the first impression that clients make of their businesses, the cards should, therefore, evoke a yearning of wanting to know more and engage further with the company.

We have put together some great ideas to help you get started in creating unique and innovative business cards.

Professional Designing Rules. The business card has to be designed in such a way that it adheres to the paper designing rules-5mm space from edges, 3000dpi image reproduction, minimum typing size, CMYK designs. The grid theory can be handy in guiding you through.

Utilizing the Card Space. Mostly, business cards are sized at 55x85mm.You should ensure that the business identity, contact information regarding social media handles, the helpline and website/email are all creatively included.

Learning from Others Mistakes. In most cases, designers use a system generated border without specifying the bleed; this mistake leads to printouts with crooked boundaries due to incorrect trimmings. Such cards are not appealing to the eye.

Making your business Card Visually Impressive. There are a variety of styles and formatting such as metallic inks, spot-UV, and foil blocking. The techniques make the business card more appealing, impressive and outstanding. Clients would want to stay with the card long after reading the contents.

Shape the Business Cards. A simple rectangular cut is not enough if you want your business cards to be unique. You should utilize die-cutting to create a business card devoid of unattractive features such as sharp corners and uneven surfaces. The Web is awash with examples of die cutting, and you cannot get it wrong by proper die cutting.

Use Unique materials. You can deviate from the standard card stock materials and try out unique materials such as Dull/Matte Cover, Gloss Cover, Uncoated Cover, transparent plastics, metals and Durable Synthetics. Such creativity will make your business cards stand tall a sea of endless business cards.

Create Utility Business Cards. Nobody can stand a business card that he/she already know what is in it regardless of how beautifully done it is. They would toss it out with the garbage and forget what they read. You may consider making the card more useful in other aspects such as car key holding, accommodate a flash disk, capability of being stickered against a wall or even door, etc.

Cross Checking your Work. You should consider having your friend, trusted client or an expert go through your work. They might surprise you that you have misspelled the name of the street or missed one postal address digit. Additionally, they might suggest ways of improving your work before printing.

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