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In this age of social media prominence, people are likely to meet you online than in person.

The new form of business cards is social media profile banners. Although traditional business cards are still vital in marketing, social media profile banners have eclipsed them due to the massive number of people online and the sheer time spent on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Snapchat: The three main social media sites are used by more than half of the human race.

The superiority of the online profiles is pegged on the fact that many people can see your profile on an instance unlike on the conventional business cards that are handed out to individuals.

Amy Jo Martin, the Digital Royalty founder, alludes that social media is the way to go as the platform makes voices get heard and nurtures relationships by fostering engagements.

Regardless of whether you are a corporation or a freelance, the billions of people on social media can engage with you. All you have to do is to create captivating social media banners through the assistance of the Rush Hour Printing and Graphics team.

Before getting started on designing banners, you should know yourself genuinely to portray yourself appropriately to the market. The impressions that you make on social media should be the real you and highlight your key strengths and competencies that might allure people to engage with you.

With most of social media spaces having a space for banners on your profile, you should invest in expertise and time to design a fantastic banner that will sweep everyone off their feet and endear you to all and sundry.

Below are essentials of designing great banners;

1. Make your Brand Unique.

The content on the banner has to be loud and clear in showcasing who you are, what you do and your solution to problems. The messaging should be vivid enough to elicit a conversation on the social media page. To build a strong brand, you can start by researching from the internet just to have a basic idea.

The design should entail coordinated pictures, a logo, and consistent fonts of the content wording. The combination of all this should precisely showcase the brand.

2. Set across a strong theme.

Empty spaces and simplistic banners cannot establish a theme for your brand. But a combination of the message, personal image, graphics, branding and a touch of inspiration will undoubtedly serve the purpose.

The message. The message should showcase your business activities and impress the prospective clients. The details should be particular and straightforward. For example. “We offer customized banner design.”

Image selection.You should showcase a high-quality photo of your products or services to capture the attention of people.

Select an Appropriate Tone. Depending on your market segment, you can choose the tone of your language to be either professional or casual. The tone is set through words, fonts, and colors.

Brand consistency. Unless you have rebranded, a business brand must be reminiscent of your past to foster familiarity and consistency.

Be creative. You can check how other people design their banners on Facebook and Twitter to inform you of the essentials to create good impressions.

3. Get Artistic

Copy pasting and intuitive designing of banners should be avoided. The specs for each format are unique on each social media. You should research on the terms applicable for banners to prevent violating the conditions and regulations set by the site developers. To see how you can different theme parts are combines, you can try The Complete Social Media Image Size Guide for more in-depth insight.


Banners have to be artistic as they are the first impression of your brand to the out there in the social media. It is critical to invest in time, energy and resources to create captivating banners that will sell your ideas the way you want. At Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, we have a dedicated team of artists who can walk the journey with you and establish your visibility on social media.

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