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The Rush Hour Printing and Graphics Team is keen on assisting you showcase your brand on the social media. By carefully selecting various components of the banner, an effective banner can be designed with the ability to convey your message and introducing your brand to the viewers.

The following are the parts that make up a banner and the tips for designing each:

1. Photos/Pictures

You should select real images of your brand or ones that best fit your brand from other online or offline sites. In doing so, you should ensure that the hue, interest, and standpoints are reminiscent of your theme.

Below are essentials for photo selection and formatting;

• Select high-quality photos

• To be rich in details, zoom out before capturing that product on camera.

• Ensure that the lighting is adequate.

• Crop out unwanted parts to make the image dramatic and concise.

• Take horizontal photos to suit the horizontal social media profile slots.

2. Colors

Colors are essential for the logo and the banner’s background. The mixture of colors should not be conflicting but pleasant to behold. Color stylists have a lot of guidelines for picking out colors and matching them.

You should keep in mind the following basics for color selection:

· Contrasting colors embolden the theme.

· The selection should match with the logo and be a little subdued against the logo colors.

· The colors should match your personality to depict your true self the best way possible.

To learn more about color selection and usage, you should consider seeking more insight from color design articles online.

3. Fonts

The headline font should be predominant throughout the banner; this is because headers entail the first content that a viewer will see. Using similar fonts overwhelm the viewer and also stands the risk of making the material vague. To differentiate the fonts; boldening text, use of italics and font color can be used to achieve the desired impression. The font styling offsets the intricate styling.

There is no limit to formatting the font, the most critical aspect of it all is to ensure that the fonts do not enlarge the word content to exceed 30% of the banner. The very essence of font formatting is to guide the eye of the viewer from heading to a body of the text in a non-monotonous impression.

4. Composition

A banner should be composed of a focal point, sensible flow and adhere to the rules of third.

The focal point is critical in capturing the eye of the viewer to your brand as showcased in the banner. It can be a block of color, subject to a photo, blank space or standpoint lines.

To maintain a sensible flow, the flow and text should be systematic in showcasing the message without unnecessary and vague perceptions in between.

The rule of third is critical in ensuring that an image is viewed naturally on the banner. It is created through grids of nine squares when looking through a working template of the camera lens; the lines should intersect for the rule to hold.

Finally, the banner has to be composed of relatable content that viewers can identify with so that your message can efficiently be convened.


The banners should be created with a specific timeline in mind. Constant changing of banners designs should be informed by either rebranding, addition of products or other unforeseen reasons. The Rush Hour Printing and Graphics team is on the lookout to help you get started on creating your banners. With so many brands displaying their banners on their social media profiles, it is essential to have an impressive and exciting banner designed by a team of competent artists to draw the much-needed conversation on your business’ thread.

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