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Professional letterheads are vital when searching for a network of clients or job scouting. The letter is necessary for appealing to prospective employers or partners in that it highlights your efforts in impressing the other person.

The Rush Hour Printing and Graphics has some approaches to creating an excellent professional letterhead that will be key to marketing your selling points.

The following are rules of the thumb for a professional letterhead to stand out among many;

1. Grasp Of The Basics

Not all empty pages are ideal for putting down the letterheads, software packages that allow flexibility and support more styles are the most typical. In this case, the RHPG team recommends the Adobe InDesignfor multiple layouts. Quark XPress and Illustrator are equally appropriate in creating that uniqueness that you want to depict yourself.

Secondly, you have to size as per the trends for the specific location. In most countries, the A4 is preferred over the A5 or A3.

Last but not least, you should consider the grid by checking out templates and online instructions.

2. Input Borders

The standard print design is too ordinary and creates an impression that you are a non-creative and out of touch with reality individual.

You should color your borderin a color selection that is subtle yet visible. This technique will also help you to frame the layouts and showcase orderliness of your design. The styles for borders should be inspired by the intention of the field of expertise. For example, a coniferous forest border for a letterhead intended for forestry jobs.

3. Header

A header contains the first words that a reader will read. It can set the mood for the reader or create a wrong impression about you which might injure your prospects. You can use an appealing hueon the header and ensure that the logo appears on above the header to enhance the touch of professionalism.

4. Page Columns

Page columns are ideal in subdividing the subheadings of the letterhead. Additionally, the page break allows you to maximize space giving you an opportunity to explain your key points with more words. The columns further ensure that all the contents will be seen by the ready and breaks the monotony typical in letterheads.

5. Understand your Audience

The formatting of the letterhead should portray the image that the readers are looking for in a candidate. Ensure that you have familiarized with the readers’ principles and capitalized on styles that best depict their likings.

6. Add a Logo to Your letterhead

If you are selling a brand, a logois critical in introducing your brand to the readers. It gives the impression of an established brand and kicks the ball rolling for you. Additionally, if your brand is familiar, the logo might speak volumes on your behalf and inform the reader to only focus on your brand. The main advantage of a logo is that it creates consistency of your brand despite the differences of content that you wish to put across.

7. Color Your Work

Colors can highlight your personalityto the reader even before they have gone through your letterhead. For instance, bold colors showcase your assertive and confident personality while exotic hues showcase your attention to detail and authenticity. Colors can even allure the readers and inform their verdict on you.

8. Be consistent in Theme.

After selecting the style for the header, borders, logo and other letterhead components, you should develop the theme and maintain consistency of text, content, styling, and borders. All pages should be identical in some way and expound more on your message not only in content but styles.

9. Use Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Depending on the nature of the intended audience, you might select a landscape shot, portrait shot or a patterned image. The picture selectioncan inform the readers who you are as they are reminiscent of your perceptions.

10. Make Your Letter Memorable.

You should go out of your way to create a branded envelope to accompany and complement your letter. Since, all we the RHPG team is after is to help you create a lasting impression, more efforts will uplift your standing and make you stand out.


The RHPG team has put together insightful tips to get you through proper designing of professional letterheads. These tips are a sure way of making your dreams come true. You should, therefore, practice with them and eventually, you will come up with an impressive letterhead.

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