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All brands have a logo. The logo is crucial in creating a brand impression and has to be unique and beautifully designed.

The RHPG team has put together an article to guide you through the logo design process. Before we delve into the process, it is vital to answer the following questions which will enable you to design a logo that best fits your brands and showcases who you are and what you do.

1. Why the Logo?

The Logo will be your new pictorial identity. Customers will notice you from a glimpse without having to read your name. It is essential for the logo to portray elegance, professionalism, and commitment to attract prospective customers.

Moreover, a logo will differentiate you from competitors and set you apart in a crowded pool. The impact of the logo is therefore profound and should be carefully designed, that is why the RHPG team is keen in ensuring that you have an excellent Logo that carries your brand high.

2. What are the essentials of designing a Good Logo?

Understand the audience. You should research on what the viewer wishes to see in business and ensure that the logo best represents their wishes. For example, a conservation group should have a logo of flora and fauna or even natural resources.

Seek for Advice and Criticism. You can start by designing a logo that you like and present it to an expert or some of your prospective clients to criticize. Their views and criticisms will inform you of the areas to work on and the impression that will resonate well with your targeted market.

Consider all the options. You should factor in all the possibilities and weigh every opportunity on merit basis. You might be surprised to discover that the worst idea of a logo is the best one given a few readjustments.

Highlight Your Brand through your Logo. Is your brand mainly dealing with chicken takeaways? Why not try a logo with a fat chicken looking right into the sky? Such a logo might carry on a message about your brand’s specialization in chicken as you aspire to soar high into the sky regarding business’ prospects.

Understand the strategies of your competitors. You should research on the market dynamics; the findings will be vital in equipping you with the understanding of the market to enable you to capture the details that best elicit demand on the potential consumers.

Most importantly, you will be able to set yourself on the trail to designing a logo that is unique, eccentric, alluring and fantastic. A touch of color, graphics, and change of style might do the trick and set you apart.

3. What are the Pitfalls to Look out for?

· Clichés. The need to be predictable and precise makes most brands owners use clichés as they strive to be relevant.

· Design logos that cannot become outdated and boring. To achieve this, you have to avoid trendy designs that run out of popularity.

· Do not try too hard; a simple graphic will showcase your brand.


By thinking through these questions, you will be able to create a logo that portrays the proper tone, compelling graphics, and the real brand concept. The RHPG team comprises of a team of professional artists who can get in touch with you and assist you in creating a logo that speaks volumes about your brand and personality.

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