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Printing a Logo involves combining different elements; shapes, graphics with typography and colors. All these elements are individually vital in creating impressive logos that are simple but yet impressive and dramatic.

This is the reason why, at the Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, our team has been dedicating time, resources and skills to develop a simplified formula for the personalized creation of business Logos.
The following are the compiled formats explained clearly to equip you with the expertise to create your Logos.

1. Styles Options

Vintage. Retro Logo styles create nostalgia and eventually evoke a feeling desire for the brand. This style stresses the importance of history. A perfect example is the Guinness Harp Logo.

Minimalist and Modern Style. This style is simplistic in color selection. It is referred to as minimalistic as the details are scant illustrating simplicity.

Mascots. This style depicts your brand as relatable and understandable. The market gains confidence in your services and trusts you on a personal level.

Pictorial Icons. These kinds of Logos contain pictures of recognizable real-life items, animals if anything from the natural environment. The KFC chef is an excellent example of this style.

Classic. Classic is trendy; this style appeals to a broader audience through simple fonts, color pallets, and graphics. The most significant shortcoming of this style is that it quickly gets outdated as people change tastes as preferences.

Combination mark. This style comprises of icons and words used simultaneously.

Emblem Style. Under this style, words and icons are used together to create a seal like or badge-like logo.

Wordmarks. As the name suggests, this style uses words formatted into different typography styles to create a picturesque appearance.

Abstract Styles. Abstract images are fictional. This style showcases imagination as well as creativity. It is ideal for brands whose appeal depends on creativity such as technology brand. A good example is the Huawei Technologies Logo.

These styles can complement each other on some occasions. It is advisable to mix the techniques to create an appeal for a broader market. For instance, abstract and wordmark styles can capture creativity sensitive viewers.

2. Color Options

Colors elicit psychological reactions in people. It is, therefore, critical to understand the brand and use colors that evoke the desired feelings. Examples of colors to select from are analogous colors, complementary colors, and triadic colors.

3. Fonts Options

Just like colors and styles, fonts give the logo a synchronized appearance which best depicts the personality of the brand owner and the nature of the brand under representation. You can incorporate either the serif, script, sanserif or display fonts to showcase elegance, versatility, simplicity, individualism or sleek image.

Designing a powerful Logo

The mix of fonts, styles, and color can create a harmonious logo that best represents the brand. It is essential to study the market and understand what images appeal to them, afterward, design a Logo that is unique but relatable and identifiable to have the brand break the glass ceiling.

To get started, and create high-quality Logos, there are templates and logo design exercises that can give you an insight on how to go about the designing. You should be ready to invest in financial and time resources to get the best results. The RHPG team is prepared to walk you through the process in a professional way to best present your image to the world. You should come up with a strategy write-up that is clear, systematic and simple to guide the RHPG team of artists in creating an excellent logo that traverses time, and social barriers.

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