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Do you operate a business from your home? Regardless of the future plans that you have for your business, it is important that you consider using business cards. These are the benefits that you stand to gain when you allow Rush Hour Printing and Graphics to make business cards for your business.

Promote Brand Awareness

Competent card designers can assist you to create a business card design that will distinguish you from your competitors. Most people choose business cards made using the standard stock and have the name and contact details of the company.

The best way to do it is to put in some extra effort and seriously consider the images, finishes and color scheme that you use because it can increase your brand awareness and memory retention of your business. These characteristics will be priceless to your business in the long-term. RHPG can make you high-quality business cards with all these qualities.


Professionalism is a common theme in corporate interactions all over the world. It is deemed polite to exchange business cards with a business associate before you commence any business talk regardless of whether you are attending a corporate event or meeting a customer for the first time.

Presentation Of The Company

It is important to present your business as a unique and full package. No matter where you are running your business from, people assume that you have a business logo, contact information, job title and company name. RHPG can help you present your company in the best way possible with our world-class business card designs.
If you are still not convinced about how important a business card is, here are more reasons to consider investing in them:

• They show that you are prepared
• They get shared which means that they continue to market your business
• Exchanging contact information online is impersonal
• They are the first impression of your brand
• They are effective direct mailing tools

There are many ways in which you can make a business card. You may decide to do it on your own by using the business card templates that are readily available online. You can also decide to hire a professional designer to design the business cards for you.

Professional designers are a great option because they have more experience in designing attractive as well as functional business cards. They might also have great connections in the printing industry that will ensure that they print high-quality business cards for you.

Once you have your business cards ready, you should think of how to distribute them. Here are some pointers for you; you can distribute them with the products you are selling, go with them to tradeshows, events, and conferences or put them inside direct mail campaigns or marketing kits to ensure that potential customers can contact you if they like what you are offering and would wish to buy them.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics specializes in designing and printing business cards. We will create a unique and innovative way for you to display your contact details and brand. RHPG will make the whole process simple. Contact us for more information.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics WE EAT DEADLINES FOR BREAKFAST! We are looking forward to serving you from our two DC locations. Our printing skills come from years of experience and hard work. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do and always give their best. Check out our reviews on Yelp. Our word is our bond and we are here to prove that!

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