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Key Elements Of A Catalog

Studies by the US Postal Service show that websites that are supported by catalogs yield 63% more revenue in comparison to when they are not. It’s not really much of a surprise but it reinforces what we already know- that catalogs can be successfully used to support other forms of media.

In the contemporary era, one medium alone is not enough to successfully carry out a marketing campaign. Throw in the catalog as a boost a media channel and the results will be more remarkable than you initially projected.

Essentially, catalogs are used to display products, services and even sales of a particular business. They offer a convenient format to showcase what your business has to offer in a way that is visually appealing to the reader.

This article provides a few tips on how and what to incorporate in a catalog for an efficient marketing campaign.

The Cover Is Everything

The cover is the first impression you give the reader. The objective here is to mesmerize the reader with a cover that is hard to resist. So make it count.

Now, an ideal cover consists of three elements; an outstanding image, a well-designed logo and phrases that compel the reader into reading the catalog. Great designers like Rush Hour Printing and Graphics will add that large type phrases with few words(less than 10) at the top of the catalog does the trick.

Use Compelling Texts

Even as you impress your readers with the cover, the text must be welcoming to the reader. It’s basically an invitation for the reader to pick up the catalog.

To make this possible, arouse the reader’s curiosity with questions they can relate to and remember to answer it within.

Use The Right Font

The right font is another way to impress the reader and it basically sets the mood in your message. But remember, it is not just about the right font but the right size is equally important.

Don’t pay more attention to the design but to the readability. It doesn’t matter how compelling the words are or how cool the design looks, if it is not readable, then you can’t convey your message clearly to your prospects. And what’s the use?

Different font sizes can be used to highlight the importance of particular information with the most important message being the largest in size. The reader’s eye tends to prioritize information based on sizes, so make use of that. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can advise you on the right font to use for your project because they have a lot of experience in this area.

Use Appropriate Folds

Readers in the millennial age tend to judge the volume of information and generate sluggishness if the information is too much. So how can you counter this?

Well, by using appropriate folds. You see, when you present the information in a Z-fold, it can cover up the amounts of information you expose the reader at one time. It basically prevents them from being bombarded with too much information.

There basic trifold comes in handy when there is less information.

The Right Color

You have to get your colors right. It sets the mood for your message. Bright colors go well when you deal with fun business/message while neutral ones adapt well to a serious business message

The catalog is confidently here to stay. And Rush Hour Print and Graphics are your answer to all your catalog questions. Contact RHPG to find out more about how to use the medium to reach your unforeseen prospects

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