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Booklet Printing is our specialty. Booklets are the small and thin books with paper covers that give the reader information on a certain subject. Despite the thriving digital age, they continue to thrive in advertising and promotion because of their strategic use to reach specific markets. Besides, they are a great tool for broadcasting information about company products as well as the company itself.

Booklet Printing.

The printed booklet is essentially a larger brochure. A booklet basically substitutes the brochure where owners feel that the later isn’t doing enough justice to the message they want to be disseminated. It’s easy to confuse the two.

Booklet Printing.

The printed booklet might be more expensive than the typical brochure. However, compared to other forms of advertising, you will find that they are quite economical.

Booklet Printing. In addition to their inexpensiveness, they are also more substantial and permanent than the average brochures which make their readers hold on them for longer than with brochures.

There are several forms of booklets, each for a different purpose. Below are a few of the booklets;

A Pocket Guide Printed Booklet

Many businesses take the pocket guide for granted. What they don’t know is that clients strife to know how to get the most from their products and services. Booklet Printing is what we do best.

The pocket guide serves the purpose of guiding the readers on the ‘how-tos’ and behind the scenes information that may come in handy explaining to the readers more about particular products and services.

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The Photo Album Booklets

If you are in the business of aesthetics or whichever that has to appeal to the beholder’s eye, the image is everything. In this case, you might want to consider the photo album booklet.

As the name suggests, it’s basically a collection of photos of what you are selling. You might have to hire professionals like Rush Hour Printing and Graphics for this job to get the best photo and ultimately the album of your dreams.

Recently the use of photo album booklet has gone beyond visual appeals. For example, if you are in the manufacturing industry, a photo documentary of the process can captivate your audiences more than you realize.

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The Community Booklet

Do you have an outreach program? Or some sort of charity involvement that involves the community? The community booklet can be used to inform the community about the not-for-profit services that you are offering the community. This type of booklet is an easy way to raise your profile within a particular community.

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Kids’ Booklet

How many of your walk-ins visit with kids? Now we know how kids can be messy when no one is paying attention to them, especially when the target audience is busy reading booklets. So, why not keep the kids busy as well by designing special kids’ booklets.

Include fun facts that are related to your business, games, and coloring to make the booklets more fun for them. It leaves a lasting impression on the target audiences.

In conclusion, a simple booklet may be the solution to your marketing struggles. You never know when that extra information that lacks in a brochure is needed by a client. It may be the difference between doubt and full trust.

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