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Design and Print In A Flash

Whether it is a presentation, a mail out or a new exciting marketing campaign, you are going to come across the need for printed collateral to get your message across to your target audience. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics offers a one stop shop for graphic design services along with printing in various formats i.e menus, full colour posters, leaflets, presentation folders, binding services and much more. Our professional services allow us to bring your vision to life and assist you in reaching your full potential.

 Popular Prints

There are hundreds of ways to advertise using print, however some of the more popular routes are menus and leaflets. They both allow you to present the information in organized and concise packages that are cost effective and visually appealing.


One of the first visuals your customer encounters is the menu. The second they sit down they are typically presented with the offerings of that restaurant in a printed booklet, perhaps a large double sided single page, or even sometimes a disposable sheet that can act as both the menu and the placemat. The type of venue you have will assist in determining what menu style works best, for instance if you have a dimly lit restaurant you will need to ensure the menu is clear enough to read under the conditions, as well as contain enough information so the customers know what they are ordering.


Leaflets or brochures are a great way to promote anything from an event to a new product launch. They typically have several sides you can use to relay information and fold down to a small envelope size which is great if you are looking to mail them out.

I’ll Take Another 5 Please

Estimating order quantities beforehand can be tough, you don’t want to be short and miss out on reaching potential clients, but you also don’t want to order too many and be stuck paying for additional prints you don’t ultimately use. There are some things to consider when placing an order:

1.    Where do I plan on distributing this? Is it at my office? Or is it to an entire city? Reminder that ordering larger quantities is typically cheaper per piece, so if you plan on doing multiple promotional pushes, you can order a larger amount and split it up.

2.    Are these pamphlets time sensitive? If not ordering extra may help save money for the next promotion. If the deal is only valid until the end of the month you don’t want to order more and keep them in storage, if the leaflet has a more general message then this wouldn’t be such an issue.

3.    Who am I promoting to? This helps determine how you will design your message and will help with figuring out where and how many

Working on your next campaign? Contact Rush Hour Printing and Graphics today for a full-service team dealing with: Graphic design, Printing (menus, full colour posters, leaflets, presentation folders, & more) and Binding.

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