Top 4 Reasons Why Posters are a Great Marketing Tool by Rush Hour Printing and Graphics

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#Posters tend to be more of a long term option in comparison to other paper format such as brochures or flyers. Posters are typically affixed to one spot versus being handed out, therefore increase the chances of visibility and effectiveness as they can act as an eye-catching image that will attract potential customers. Posters tend to also be relatively cheap and can incorporate a variety of clean or gaudy designs which are meant to grab attention and stay in the viewers mind.

Businesses of all sizes (particularly smaller ones with tighter budgets) benefit from the varying pros of posters, such as the ones below:

Big Impact Small Cost

Posters compared to other marketing initiatives are quite cost effective. A similar design and graphic but in a magazine, format would cost a business $500 to $30,000 or even more. The cons of a magazine ad also include the fact that your graphic would only be seen by their list of subscribers, and the return on investment is very difficult to track. However, with posters, the cost is minimal, and even less when ordered in bulk working out to a few dollars a piece, and depending on the size and type can be hung and moved around yourself, which also saves some money. (The Company can assist with creating the right poster which will be able to attract a majority of the people that walk past, giving you a broad range of new customers.

Design It Your Way

Poster design and printing offers a variety of personalization, in terms of size, shape and content. You can create smaller rectangular posters for store fronts wanting to advertise for a product launch or sale, or if you want to be able to reach a wider audience you can get large format posters created so that people even further than the store front can see the specials you are offering. Keep in mind that certain techniques such as font size, colour schemes, and even styles can be played with in order to achieve the right look for your brand. Don’t be afraid to experiment and look at other posters for inspiration.

Posters Are Long Term

Posters, as mentioned earlier, tend to have a much longer shelf life. Print mediums such as flyers or brochures are typically briefly looked at and then tossed away., however posters can stay hung for w days, weeks or even months. Be sure to confirm what areas have the most eye traffic and that you choose the right material for your promotion, i.e if you need the poster to stay up for the season, let (The Company) know and options such as laminating or putting it in glass will help preserve it for longer.

Hanging is as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Posters are relatively easy to hang, just double check with your local bylaws to ensure there are no restrictions on their placement (especially in leased or rented units, they tend to have guidelines on what is allowed). Smaller sized posters can be used to advertise in other, non competing venues, for instance the bulletin board at the local coffee shop.

Posters are a great printing resource and should be incorporated in your marketing campaign. Be sure to strategize on the brand, the audience you want to reach and your budget to ensure what kind of posters would work best for your business.

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