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Carbonless forms are a very effective way to help manage your company’s day to day operations. They are available in 2, 3 or even 4 part forms and have a variety of uses, such as receipts, order confirmation or other documentation in which you will need to have several copies created.

Some industries Rush Hour Printing and Graphics frequently deals with that use carbonless forms are:

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Customizable Forms are Possible

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics’ carbonless forms are fully customizable and can include your business information (ie phone number, address, website) along with the company logo. Carbonless forms are also available in black and white or 4 colour, allowing you to create the document you want. The benefit to it being carbonless is the fact that they allow you to keep clean, organized records. No fingerprints or stains,like older versions, as well as being biodegradeable. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics takes pride in offering the highest quality carbonless form prints for your business.

Carbonless forms
Rush Hour Printing and Graphics Carbonless Copies and Forms

Low Costs High Revenue

Whether you are using carbonless forms for invoices, notes or receipts you have the option to make them 2, 3 or 4 sheets thick and black and white or full colour. Other options would include sizing, logo and business information. Based on the use, companies would typically order their carbonless forms in bulk as they will be used frequently. Ordering in bulk ensures the cost per piece stays low, but the design makes the impact high. Since the client gets a copy, the placement of your branding is very important, as they are likely to keep the receipt for expenses or tax purposes. Therefore, it is a chance for you to stand out on what most consider basic paperwork.

carbonless forms
Rush Hour Printing and Graphics Carbonless Copies and Forms

What Form Works Best For My Company?

With so many options it may be challenging to decide on what you would need. The first thing to consider when starting your carbonless form order would be how many pages you would need: 2, 3 or 4. This can be easily determined based on the system your company uses. How many copies of the paperwork would you need internally? Then add one for the client. Next decision involves quantity, how many orders do you currently make on a daily basis? That number should help you determine what your order size should be. Assuming the layout will not be changing, your company can order a much larger quantity and store them.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics has made it very easy for you to get the carbonless forms you need, quickly and economically. Simply upload the logo and details and let Rush Hour Printing and Graphics create professional and useful carbonless forms with your logo, branding and message. Along with quality we offer low minimums (for small businesses) and short turn around times. Need assistance? Our customer service team can help you determine what carbonless forms would be the best fit for your business and its needs.

#carbonlessforms #marketing #invoice #paperwork #businesssoloutions #receipts #organization #companybrand #logo #marketreach #orders #carbonless #organization

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics Carbonless Copies and Forms

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