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Learn How Door Hangers are a Great Marketing Tool by Rush Hour Printing and Graphics


Companies are always on the search for new cost-effective ways to get their message across to potential customers, with door hangers, businesses are able to get noticed in very specific targeted areas. Door hangers are a great way to reach a wide range of people all the while standing out from the typical flyer or coupon postcard.


Location Location Location


Typically, printed promotion is grouped together and put into mailboxes. Once the person gets home, they grab their mail and tend to just toss that group out in the garbage. However, with door hangers you get to stand out, as the advertisement will be placed in the home owners face as they get to the door. This also leads to the person having to physically remove the door hanger, which results in an interaction. People are far more likely to look at the door hanger since they have had to remove it from their handle, thus resulting in a higher chance that your message gets across to them, leading to interest in your company. The great thing about door hangers is that there is essentially only room for one, so you will have prime marketing space if you take advantage of this tactic.


Every door is different


Like most print mediums, door hangers are fully customizable to fit your brand and image. Whether it is fonts, colours, themes, pictures or even size; door hangers work for any type of product or service you wish to promote. With the exception of the space needed for the doorknob hole, you have a portrait layout to use to send a clear marketing pitch to the home owner. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics will provide their expertise and advice on what designs tend to work well.


What’s Your Budget?


Door hangers are surprisingly very affordable, whether you are a small business looking for cost effective ways to reach a large audience, or a more established company who wants to seek the benefits of a door hanger campaign, door hangers are a great option. More common advertising routes such as television ads, or sponsored images are exponentially more expensive and may reach people that are not in your target market. By selecting a certain area, it is simple to determine how many door hangers would be needed, also helping you manage your budget.

Reach the Right People


Door hangers require very little to get started. A design, order and then hire some staff to go to specific neighbourhoods and put them on door knobs. What this does is allow you to specifically target your audience geographically.

Having your door hangers printed at Rush Hour Printing and Graphics will take weight off your shoulders, let us handle the printing, you handle getting the quality prints out into the hands of your customers. Our superior quality and great pricing allow you to simply upload and leave the rest to us. Feel free to contact us should you need any assistance placing your order.


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