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Find out How to Use Letterhead to Market Your Company


Letterhead is a great way to help with company branding, by adding the company logo and contact details on the printed form of contact, a company is able to further enhance their identity.

With anything that you print or hand out as a company it is very important that it relates to the company image and message. Something as simple as paper stock can make a huge impact on your customers, as it enhances the image. For instance, if your letterhead is printed on a nice heavy stock, the letterhead will look and feel more expensive, typically a sign of a successful company.


Letterhead Design Options


Every business will have different needs. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics can assist you determining what stock options are available.  Another factor to consider would be how many letters you send out. This will help when determining how many you need to order. Letterhead on a heavy paper stock will typically have a minimum because printers need to buy uncommon stocks in large sheet sizes and it wouldn’t be economical to bring in a specialty paper for a small run. A design proof is something you should ask for before the file goes to print. This helps ensure that any mistakes or changes in placement are made before Rush Hour Printing and Graphics goes to print. For more detailed letterhead pieces that involve things such as debossing or metallic’s, a sample is typically printed to ensure the colours and style match what the client had envisioned.


Branding Tips and Tricks


It is important that your letterhead is consistent with your brand. You can get the assistance of a graphic designer as they will have a better understanding of what styles and fonts would work best for your company. They will also be able to ensure sizing and formatting is done correctly.

In terms of visual design, Rush Hour Printing and Graphics would recommend limiting the contact details to only a few. The placement of the text and logo is also very important. A/B testing is a great way to see which style will receive the most positive feedback. Create at least two different design options, sending them out, then analyze the response they get.


Last Step Envelopes


The last and equally important step would be the envelope. This is what your letterhead will be placed in to be mailed out. It is also what the company sees before they open it, so it should coincide with the letterhead and brand. It should also carry the same qualities you decided on earlier, such as what paper, design, placement are we going for.

Want some more great tips and tricks? Contact Rush Hour Printing and Graphics and let us help you put together the best letterhead combination for your brand and company. With a wide range of paper stock and design options Rush Hour Printing and Graphics will be able to create a print project that will allow you to stand out. Contact us today for all of your printing needs.


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#letterhead #companyimage #snailmail #mail #embossed #paperstock #paperweight #logos #design #graphicsdesign #artwork #branding #style #printers #formatting #largeformatprint #printrun



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