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How to Advertise Using Yard Signs: Best Tactics in the Industry! By Rush Hour Printing and Graphics!


Companies are continuously on the search for exciting and effective ways to advertise, without breaking the bank, that’s where yard signs come in. The focus tends to be on online and social media, however something as simple as a yard sign has been proven to be effective in gaining a large amount of leads.


A strategy will need to be put in place for handling the inquires. The yard sign is just step one, getting the client interested and following the call to action whether it be call or email, the next step is responding and closing the sale. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics has developed some great tips and tricks on how to implement all the phases, contact us for more information.


Save Money


Yard signs are great to use near roads, so that passing traffic can read them a they are driving, this also significantly increases the amount of people seeing your ad. Since they are most commonly places along road sides, you can save money by printing them single sided. Single sided prints tend to be 15-45% cheaper, and in this case prove ineffective as the opposite side of the road would have difficulty in seeing the yard sign anyways. Cheaper costs mean that you can print more signs and cover more areas.


Colours and Space


For yard signs Rush Hour Printing and Graphics recommends using two contrasting colours such as one light and one dark. Allowing separation and making it easier to read. A common combination is black and white. By using white as a font colour and a block at the bottom, you are using one colour two ways, thus resulting in a clean and effective design. Drivers will only have a few seconds to read the yard sign as they are passing by so take advantage of white space (should be 30-40%), large printed fonts, clear open font styles, and limited words. You can easily promote other products or services on the phone or in person. Putting the most attractive offer on the yard sign allows you to keep it simple and to gain the most interest.


Effective Additions


If you are a new company, you may not want to think twice about including your logo, as it will be taking up retail space that could be better used for the message. If the yard signs are being placed close enough to the store or event, incorporating arrows make the drive significantly easier for people driving by to get to your venue.


Yard signs can be used for a variety of promotions and sales. Rush Hour Printing and Graphics has worked on numerous projects and will be able to provide advice on which format, size and colours would work best for your company. Give us a call today and we would be happy to send you samples of our work to help you decide which route is the best for you. If you are looking at an economical way to reach a wide audience, look no further.


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