Find Out How To Create The Most Effective Postcard Campaigns BY RUSH HOUR PRINTING AND GRAPHICS

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Find Out How To Create The Most Effective Postcard Campaigns

Postcard marketing, along with any other initiative must be able to produce a return on investment. The information gained from the campaign can be collected and used for future marketing initiatives. As we move towards having everything online and email blasts and email marketing, traditional direct mail has minimized, thus creating a larger opportunity to stand out. Having a physical, tangible product that customers can look and possibly keep to post in their home, is why postcards work. They cause an interaction with the customer and provide a chance to pass along a message. Incorporating a promotion or discount on the postcard is a great way to increase interest and response, as well as provide a solid way to track the return the campaign is delivering.

What To Include To Have The Most Impact

Due to the limited space available on a postcard RUSH HOUR PRINTING AND GRAPHICS recommends sticking to a clear call to action, followed by basic contact information i.e. number and website.  Word choice is extremely important as you only have a short amount of time to capture the receivers interest and encourage them to make the decision to keep the postcard. You want to include expressions and words that create an emotional connection or make them feel as though they need to take advantage of the offer, so they do not miss out on savings. Words such as: quality, or expert allow you to show them the value and befits your product or service can offer them. Finally, key words that direct them to their next step (call to action) such as: limited time or Call us now; nudges them to contact you to take advantage of the deal.

What Size Should I choose?

Postcards are a vehicle used to deliver a variety of messages, such as: a sale or promotion, a new location, an award won, and more. Depending on the company’s message and personal needs factors such as size will be dependant on the project. RUSH HOUR PRINTING AND GRAPHICS offers a variety of standard sizes along with the option to create custom sizes and die cut shapes. Mail box size would be a factor to consider along with ease of being handled. The smaller and more stock size would be the most cost effective.

Text and Shapes

Postcards need a short and eye grabbing headline in order to capture the interest. Using key words that demonstrate value or benefit such as a sale should be placed here. Incorporating visually appealing boxes and shapes will allow you to separate content to create a flow. Remember postcards are double sided when designing and be sure to take advantage of both, no need to cram everything in, instead leave space and limit the colours and styles.

RUSH HOUR PRINTING AND GRAPHICS creates and delivers the highest quality postcards for your projects. With our on-site design team, we can help you create phonemical postcards that will meet USPS rules and capture the audience you are after.

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