It is estimated that 54% of marketers said their budgets for events have increased over the last year, and that 69% of people attend events to shop for products or services.

This is huge for us as a printing business and for you as your own business. It should come as no surprise then that tradeshows and conferences are important to your development as a company and as such you require essential tools for implementing exceptional marketing strategies. The emotional bond you create between your brand and your customers is one of a kind, long lasting and deep.

Just like any other marketing strategy, there are the right ways to go about it and the not-so-right ways to go about going and participating in live events. In order to be successful, here are some very important details to look at.

The Infamous 8 Do’s & 4 Don’ts

8 Do’s

  • Do make sure your presentation matches the marketing tactics you are using online and at your office. Your Brand must be consistent in all platforms.
  • Choose the right event for your brand and business type.
  • Consider the wants and needs of the audience at these events.
  • Create marketing designs that are emotionally boding and appealing and that carry a straight forward message to your target market.
  • Appeal to your market’s five senses and make those messages way more effective.
  • Create engagements that allow clients to opt-in for something in exchange for a free trial, special product, etc. Anything to get the data.
  • Make sure you follow-up with all of those potential clients you met at the event.
  • Train your ambassadors efficiently.

4 Don’ts

  • Don’t engage with the audience without a plan of action.
  • Don’t overwhelm the audience with tons of information about your product/brand.
  • Don’t ignore the audience either!
  • Don’t let the small details slip out.

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