Every business of any size needs to make customers and experience revenue growth on a constant basis. Achieving that growth is not simple. Myriad strategies exist—from highlighting flagship products, to building brand affinity through emotional appeals, to discounts that seek to sell immediately.

Does not matter what strategy you choose, outstanding creative assets that attract attention and leave a lasting, positive impression pave the way for business growth. Crafting great visual and messaging assets sometimes is harder than we think. Avoid at least some of those troubles by following the guidance in this article.

Visual Content

Use different types of visual content.

  1. Use product photos, highlighting new and relevant products, display ads and other social media content. Brands that spice up photos gain an advantage over the market emotionally. You can also use nature to demonstrate the benefit of your product to your clients, any idealized setting would work best.
  2. You can also do Behind-the-scenes/company photos. These are great for forming a connection for your audience. You don’t even need that much creativity, just make your customer laugh and feel an emotional connection to your brand.
  3. Use aspirational photos to highlight a lifestyle that meshes your products with your customers. Highlight the family side to your brand.
  4. Think of User-generated content (UGC). In other words, get customers to send you pictures with your product and publish it on all social media platforms. It is cost-effective and builds brand loyalty.
  5. Take up filming and publish videos that you shoot from your phone and turn them into professional, marketing shoots. Create different types of video formats including documentary-style, animation, how-to videos… Video content can spur more customer engagement and create a narrative around your brand or products.
  6. educate customers about product features (for example, the anatomy of a great running shoe), or interesting trends and fashions, is a fun way to encourage brand engagement buy using infographics. Infographics present educational material embedded within illustrations that support the copy. If you create a large-format infographic, you can split out several pieces of it to feature individually in a series of ads or posts. Infographics work well on social platforms because they are shareable and they offer readers value and entertainment

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