Reasons for printing posters

Posters have been around since mid- 19thcentury when the printing technology greatly improved and industry players discovered a way of mass producing colored prints. They were used for art, advertising as well as promotion. Proponents of digital marketing say that printing is dead yet it is alive and well. Posters are still being used today due to their many benefits in the marketing industry. Rush Hour Printing & Graphics in Toronto Canada can create outstanding posters for you. Here are the main reasons why people still prefer this traditional method of marketing.


Posters are quite versatile and provide a variety of benefits such as durable finishes, bold and pronounced fonts, great color combinations, and a wide array of captivating sizes. The latter enables you to have a big space for creativity. HRPG offers a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs.

They are effective

More than half the millennials- people aged between 22 and 38- take note of print adverts. A recent research established that 90% of shoppers reported that they had seen a poster outside the shop half an hour before they bought something and 82% confessed they had bought on impulse on the same day.  It is true that whenever we see a SALE poster on a shop window, we are usually tempted to go inside and see whether there is something we would like to buy. Thus, they are a great way of advertising sales and promotions. The beauty of a poster is that unlike flyers and banners, you can place it at eye level where it can have a significant impact on buyers. If you use posters made by RHPG, you can be sure to get return on your investment because our quality and services are on another level.

Target marketing

Posters have different sizes which means that you can place them in many different locations. Posters help you convey a message directly to the people who will walk past it.  No matter where you are placing your poster, it will ensure that your message is read by a large number of people. Placing a poster in a certain location will give people a chance to actively engage with it. Whether it is outside a local nightclub or at a bus or train station, people are likely to read posters due to pure curiosity and boredom. A good poster has a call to action that tells prospective customers to act as soon as possible. It could be asking them to visit your website or shop or call you.

Gives you value for money

A poster is quite affordable and it is usually cost effective compared to other methods of marketing such as online marketing and newspaper ads. Posters can be seen by not just your target audience but other people walking near it. They come in many styles, finishes and sizes. Nowadays, you can even get posters with lithographic and digital presses depending on your budget. With digital printing, you can get high quality posters that will boost the image of your business. They also have clarity and an esthetic appeal. RHPG offers digital printing services and posters are one of our best performing products.

They can be reused

If you are printing for a special occasion such as Black Friday or Christmas, posters can come in handy. The good thing is that you will not need to print a new poster the following year unless you want to. You can print a poster for daily use. If you store and display it properly, it is a cheap and a worthy investment. Posters from RHPG stand the test of time. Visit our business premises and enjoy the benefits of a well-designed and made poster.

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