Why Printed Banners Are Better Than Digital Banners 

Advertisers should be printing more and more banners during this digital era because digital banners are not as effective. In this case the term advertiser applies to both giant corporates and individuals who print banners for intimate backyard events. Rush Hour Printing & Graphics is synonymous with printing high quality banners for clients in Toronto, Canada and its surroundings.

There are diverse reasons why banners are printed and these may include:

  • To be a name sign.
  • To promote upcoming events.
  • To educate.
  • To provide directions.
  • Used as decorations. 

Digital banners and traditional banners are used for the same purpose but the difference is the reception both mediums receive from respective audiences. Here are some reasons why the printed version is more suitable to an advertiser. 

They are highly versatile

Online banners are limited to a specific screen dimension whereas printed banners can be as big as the side of a skyscraper or as small as a client may prefer. Printed banners are durable and multipurpose unlike digital ones which are designed for a specific goal in a specific short timeframe. 

Digital banners are restricted to electronic mediums and therefore they become obsolete in remote areas where electricity is a story. In comparison printed banners due to their tear proof nature are known to weather storms and survive harsh climatic conditions when online banners are at the mercy of an electric charge. 

At RHPG we print versatile banners using UV-cured inks thus enabling them to be scratch proof and immune to chemical damage. This quality results in printed banners maintaining their original print quality even after thorough long term use. 

They are user friendly

An online report by Comscore showed that the average internet user gets almost 2,000 banner advertisements in a month and there is only one click for every one thousand digital banners. On the other hand potential customers do not consider printed banners to be spam or junk. This is because they’re usually placed at a distance unlike online where they annoyingly pop up in a user’s face every chance they get.  

At Rush Hour Printing & Graphics we incorporate the psychology of color in our banner printing not only to make the prints entertaining but also to maximize conversion rates. 

They are cheaper than broadcast media

The trend today is to advertise through videos which are then used on social media. For example in order to reach more potential customers, marketers need to pay more, case in point Facebook paid post promotions. This means that it costs more to avail digital banners to a more targeted audience base.

This is however not the case for printed banners because an advertiser will only incur a one-time discounted production cost. Such discounts can be enjoyed by visiting specialist printers like HRPG where we offer competitive prices for printing captivating and effective banner sizes.

 They are personalized

Many onlookers have reported feeling like printed banners speak individually to them. This is a phenomenon unique only to printed media and is rarely achieved by digital banners which tend to focus more on the product than the audience. Make a point to contact or visit Rush Hour Printing & Graphics to learn how to make a personalized printed banner. 

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