Banners And Posters – Always The Best Way To Catch Client’s Attention

Both banners and posters are great for raising product awareness. That’s why many companies choose them to launch their new products. Some companies use them as the secondary advertisement medium, not knowing they are affordable and more effective than many advertisement media. In Toronto Canada, Rush Hour Printing & Graphics is the company that leads in designing and printing high-quality banners and posters. 

The benefits of using banner and poster advertising include:


When designed well, the combination of color, size, and text on posters and banners are very good at attracting people’s attention. By relying on the creativity of the graphic designers at RHPG, you can be sure that your banners and posters will have all the attention-grabbing elements necessary to convert the viewers to customers.

Low Cost

Designing and printing banners and posters don’t cost much. This is particularly true if you choose a company like RHPG that offers very affordable design and printing services. If you produce posters and banners in bulk, the cost can go down significantly. 

They are more effective

Research has shown that about 50 percent of millennials take note and respond well to print adverts. Another study established that more than 90 percent of those who view posters end up inquiring about the products or services advertised. RHPG can help you come up with very effective banners and posters to ensure a high conversion rate.

Creative Flexibility

Posters and banners will allow exercising your creativity. By knowing what works best for your potential clients, you can create posters and banners that will leave them with no option but to contact you. RHPG has very creative graphic designers with several years of experience. If you hire them, your banners and posters will be more effective than those of your competitors.


Banners and posters are capable of communicating simple and concise messages that will have a greater impact on the audiences they target. Being simple and straightforward, the messages they convey are easy for the viewers to digest. 

Strategic Placement

You can place posters on strategic locations, such as high-traffic areas, and affix banners to the sides and backs of buses. You can as well affix them on any spaces in rail stations, and at bus stops. These advertisement media can fit almost anywhere, and that’s why they are preferred when it comes to reaching as many people as possible.

High repeat exposure

Once you have your banner or poster put in place, it will stay there for weeks, months, or years. Those who pass will keep seeing them for all that duration. The more they see your message, the more it will stick into their memory, and the more likely they will get converted into your clients.

In light of the above factors, you need to incorporate banners and posters into your marketing strategy. Doing so will guarantee you high ROI which is good for your business growth. Contact RHPG for all your print advertising needs. 

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