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Advertising posters are among the traditional advertising methods that have withstood the test of time. Posters, especially those designed and printed by Rush Hour Printing & Graphics in Toronto Canada, deliver exceptional marketing results, no matter the size of the company. You can take advantage of this under-utilized marketing method to make your company rise above the rest. If in doubt, the advantages of marketing posters discussed here will make you change your mind.

1.      Cost-effectiveness

Posters bring a better return on investment compared to other print media marketing channels. Rather than buying space in a magazine or a newspaper, it is better to invest in a poster, which will cost you just a few dollars. When you buy posters in large quantities, you’ll even spend far less on your marketing campaign. Even very large posters cost less than print ads, even if they have high-quality graphics. Rush Hour Printing & Graphics prints very affordable posters that can boost your profitability.

2.      Design and Size flexibility

With posters, your marketing budget doesn’t matter. You can choose the design and size that suits your budget. You can customize poster sizes for a particular use. The different sizes will allow you to do whatever you want with your posters. The small ones can fit into small spaces on a kiosk or bulletin board. The large ones will give you more room for creativity and can include as much information as you want.

When it comes to design, there are unlimited possibilities. Take advantage of expert designers from Rush Hour Printing & Graphics to design for you posters that are effective in delivering your company’s message to your target audience. 

3.      Long-term exposure

Marketing posters are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a long time of exposure compared to other marketing materials. For instance, many people discard or recycle newspapers after reading them just once. This is not the case with posters. A poster will remain where it is for as long as you wish. People passing where the poster is will continue seeing it even for months or years. 

4.      High visibility

You can place your poster almost anywhere, provided you aren’t breaching any laws. Posters don’t take much space, which makes them easy and cheap to transport. They are also lightweight, meaning they are simple to install or hang. Their design also makes it easy to notice them. 

5.      Helps in building a brand

The best marketing strategy is to align the different marketing elements with each other: design, logo, color, and content should all get aligned with each other. For instance, a poster can effectively reflect the message, feel, and look of your website. This will make those who have visited your website to associate it very quickly with your posters. There’s no better way of building a brand than using posters. 

Seek the help of professionals

You may not have an in-house team that can produce effective marketing posters. That’s why you need the services of Rush Hour Printing & Graphics. Call us today, and will have your poster designed and printed ready for display in the shortest time possible.

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