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When you are at a convention, a conference, or a trade show, you’ll meet many of your competitors who’ll also be struggling to stand out from the crowd. Most potential clients will get attracted to stands with something unique. One such unique item is a well-designed banner. Having a banner at a convention is of absolute necessity if you want to promote your brand. Banners designed and printed by Rush Hour Printing & Graphics have been used in many conventions in Toronto, Canada with much success. This is because of the advantages they offer to the companies that use them. Some of these advantages include:

Expands Your Reach

As stated earlier, millions of people attend conventions. When you have an eye-catching banner, your brand message will reach thousands of people, even if it gets viewed by a small fraction of the attendees. For your banner to attract more people and expand your reach, it needs to show your logo or brand prominently. The design also needs to incorporate vibrant colors and have a memorable slogan. 

They draw attention to your stand

Conventions are big events that attract millions of people from all over the world. That means your booth will be one of the many at the event. However, you’ll get surprised at how many people will come to your stand if you have a well-designed banner. Once you get such a banner, you’ll need to display it in a position where it can easily be seen. Let your logo be near the top, so viewers can identify your company easily. Rush Hour Printing & Graphics can do the design for you and put everything in its rightful position. 

Banners work even if you are absent

During a convention, it is inevitable that at some point, you may have a break to go for breakfast or lunch. At such a time, no one may be available to man your stand or booth. If you have a detailed banner, it will provide viewers with information about your company even in your absence. Such are the kinds of banners designed by RHPG – simple but well-detailed.  

Communicates key values and benefits quickly 

A banner summarizes the information about what you offer in a manner that, even someone who’s walking can scan very fast can get to know what your company stands for. Don’t let the audience struggle to get the information. This is because many people have short attention spans, and will not waste time reading through your banner. RHPG uses attractive colors and bulleted lists to make things easier for your potential clients.

Final words

Are you planning to attend any convention soon? If yes, then you need to plan early for a banner that you can carry with you. The banner will not only help with the above issues but will also empower your team. They will sell easily without having to explain everything verbally. Contact us at RHPG, so we can start designing your banner today!

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