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Are you wondering what difference exists between banners and business cards? Here’s the difference. Banners are printed outdoor advertising media. A banner is large and is usually digitally printed on large inkjet printers. 

It can be printed on a piece of cloth or PVC. On the other hand, a business card is a small card that identifies the holder with his business or his position in a given organization. They usually contain the contacts of the holder and are usually given to potential customers or clients. Banners are used for advertisement purposes. They are more effective than business cards, especially those printed by Rush Hour Printing & Graphics in Toronto Canada.

Why you need to print banners at large scale

Today, businesses face a lot of pressure to go digital in their marketing endeavor. However, traditional marketing methods still work wonders and can be more effective than some digital marketing methods. This is because printed media engages people more than digital media. Printing banners in large formats have many benefits. However, to get the best results, you need to hire a company like RHPG, that can print in large formats.

Here are some of the advantages of large format printing:

1.      Efficient Production

Producing large scale posters or banners is relatively more efficient and faster than producing ordinary posters or banners. If time is not on your side, producing large format printing can help you beat the deadline without compromising on quality. Large print formats also dry very fast, and can even get laminated.

2.      Environmentally Friendly

When you dish out thousands or even hundreds of business cards and fliers, most of them will be thrown around, thus littering the streets. This is not good for the environment. Large print formats are never given to individuals, and only a few of them are usually produced. This means they will never litter the environment. 

3.      Increases your brand recognition

Having a large print format makes your advert more visible, even from far. Producing large posters with a slogan printed on them in large fonts, and accompanied by your logo, is the best way to promote your brand. It can be better if you find a heavily-trafficked location to display the large advert so it can get ingrained in people’s minds.

4.      Longer Lasting Adverts

The large format prints can last longer, especially when printed on Ultra Violet-resistant materials. Such materials don’t fade even if exposed to the rays of the sun for long. Large-format prints use materials that can withstand adverse weather conditions, such as snow, wind, rain, and more. You can hire RHPG to print for you large format banners that you can use outside for several months without losing their quality. 

Final words

When it comes to advertising, the aim is to spend less but gain more. That’s why it is best to choose a cost-effective, environment-friendly, and long-lasting option. Large print formats have all these qualities. But you need to hire a company with the right equipment and tools to produce such large prints. Contact RHPG for all your large scale or large format printing needs.

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