Advertisement is the surest way of promoting your business brand and its visibility, guaranteeing you improved sales and profits. There are different forms of publication used widely by business entities with varied results of success. The two most preferred, frequently used and effective advertisement strategies are by use of banners and business cards. Each of the advertisement measures is unique and distinct from the design, intended purpose, and success rate. In Toronto, Canada, Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is a household name in the design and creation of glamorous and exquisite business cards and banners, with a successful track record and reputation.

The distinction between banners and business cards

Banners and business cards have exclusive features that differentiate the two advertisement modes. The significant differences between banners and business cards include the following; 

  • Size- banners are significantly large while business cards are pocket-sized
  • The material used in printing– RHPG uses different printing materials in the design of business cards and banners. Banners mostly use canvas material, while business cards are designed and printed on hard pieces of paper like manila.
  • The message displayed– the information highlighted on a business card is usually brief while banners are more detailed because of the large size
  • Design and style– one thing you will notice about banners printed by RHPG is the distinct, colorful, and unique graphics entailed in pieces. The design of banners can include elaborate images, creative styles, and wording. On the other hand, business cards involve simple designs with little or no imagery featuring on the cards.
  • Target market– the target audience of banners is more comprehensive, with anyone who can view the banner a potential customer, with the visibility not limited. Business card’s target cards are notably limited to only the people who can access the cards.

Some business entities prefer the use of either the banner or business cards, while others use them in combination to reach their target audience.

Benefits of printing banners at large scale

Many business entities choose banners as the preferred means of advertisement, mostly because of the related benefits. One crucial factor to take note of in the use of banners is how beneficial it is to print them on a massive scale. RHPG ensures they timely deliver your banners, with all your considerations and expectations our priority. The advantages of printing banners at large scale include;

  • Saves on costs– printing banners at a large scale comes at a discounted rate from RHPG, ensuring you get value for your money.
  • Timely delivery– printing your banners en masse ensures that the process is completed on time and your banners ready for use. This process is faster when compared to once in a while and piece by piece banners printing
  • Uniformity of the design– large scale banners printing ensures there is uniformity in the designs and style of the banners.


Rush Hour Printing and Graphics offers you a solution for all your banners and business card’s needs. Contact RHPG to meet all your business advertisement needs.

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